Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pictures from the Hospital

Two posts in one day - how good am I?!?!? Actually, I have figured out how to hold Drew, prop up my swollen feet, and blog all at the same time. Maybe this mother-of-two thing is improving my ability to multi-task. :)

Here are some more pictures from Saturday and Sunday. We have taken over 200 pictures since Drew was born on Thursday, so it was hard to narrow them down (hence the two posts in one day!). Enjoy!

Our first picture as a family of four!

Mama and her boys

Daddy and his boys
Big Brother and Little Brother

Daddy and Drew

Mommy and Drew

What is it about newborn feet that just makes you say, "Awww..."?

Drew in all his glory

Our precious baby's face...

The photo shoot continues...

Drew snuggling with the monkey that his brother gave him

Leaving the hospital
First Car Ride
Taking Drew home for the first time
Look at that sweet grin
When we put Drew in his swing for the first time, he immediately crossed his arms and pulled his legs in. We're pretty sure this is the position that he has spent the last few months in. :)


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I'm so glad you guys are all home, safe and sound. Once you get settled, I'd love to come meet Drew! Congrats on your new addition! :)

Mrs. H said...

I can't comprehend how much Drew has grown since Saturday! I miss you all; keep updating your blog.

Love you all..

Chris & Amanda said...

So sweet!

Diana and I would like to find a time to drop by and meet the little guy. I am here all week so let me know when we will try to work it in.

If not I am back in 2 weeks for more work in Dallas.

You can call me if that's easier 917-916-3072

Kati said...

I love the pic. of the 4 of sweet!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So precious!!

Angie said...

He is just too precious and I love all of the pictures! I am so glad that he is doing great and that yall are getting to love on your little guy at home now. When I get back in town I can't wait to come and meet him. We are still praying for you guys and hope that yall are doing well!!!

Tara said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is absolutely precious and you look great. We can't wait to meet him.

I can't believe you're squeezing in two blogs in one day! I can't manage to do two in one month!!


The Shepherds said...

AWWW! Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that Baby Drew is home and the Carpenter family is doing well.