Monday, November 30, 2015

Houston Thanksgiving - November 23-24, 2015

The boys had the entire week of Thanksgiving off of school, and we were all (me included!) very grateful to have a long break.  :)  Wade had to go on a business trip on Monday & Tuesday of that week, so the boys and I decided to head South to see our Houston peeps!

We all got to snuggle our new little Hannah, and that alone was worth making the trip.  She is such a doll baby!

Thanks, Mom & Dad for having us!  We really enjoyed our visit!

Lil Ninjas & the Stars Game - November 21, 2015

On November 21st, Wade had plans to go to a Dallas Stars game with the guys from our Sunday School class.  At the last minute, there were 2 extra tickets, so Wade and one other guy ended up bringing their sons.  Clayton was thrilled to go to a hockey game with his Daddy and one of his friends!  Being included in guy's night is a BIG deal when you are 10.  ;)

The littles and I decided to make it an extra fun night and go to play at Little Ninjas.  They LOVE that place!  I wish that it wasn't so far away. 

A fun night was had by all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Drew 7U Fall Baseball - the Braves

Our Drew decided to hang up his shin guards for now, and give baseball a try.  He was really good at soccer, but we were 100% supportive of him trying a new sport.  It turns out that he is really good at baseball too!  :)

Wade was practicing batting with Drew on the evening before their first game.  Drew hit the ball so hard that he left the imprint of the logo on the bat.  Easy, Tiger!  That was a new bat!

 Luke & Drew get to play ball together.  :)

 7U is Coach Pitch, but they have a kid play "pitcher" also.  They basically take over after the ball is put into play.  At this age, they wear a chest protector, which I appreciate.  :)
 Congratulating Lukey on his first run!
 Baseball is exhausting...
 We won!!!
 Drew's team won their first several games of the season.  I overheard a funny conversation in the dugout after their first loss.  One of the other kids hollered, "Who brought snack?"  Drew said (very matter of factly), "Dude, we don't get snack.  We lost."  Haha!

Lots of cute fans!
 Sweet Kelli brought both of her littles to a freezing cold game that we lost.  So sweet of her to brave the cold!  Wish that we could have given them a W!
 Meghan and Mrs. Amber came to cheer on Drew also!

 Drew's Coach's wife asked their family friend to come and take team pictures.  He did an AWESOME job!  My only complaint is that my baby looks waaayyyy too old!

 Is there anything cuter than a 7 year old in catcher's gear?  I think not!

It was a fun first season of baseball for our Drew!  He wants to play again in the Spring, so I would call that a success!  :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Clayton Fall 11U Baseball - the Cardinals

Clayton's little team changed names this season - now we are the Cardinals!  I must say that red suits them - lookin' sharp boys!

 Good eye, C-man!  How does he bend that way???  Looks like he is doing the limbo, not playing baseball - ha!

 Wade bought them pink eye black stickers for their first game in October.  He told them about how his Sister has fought breast cancer.  She "never, ever quits," and neither should they!
 Game ball on the day that Grammie and Papaw came to watch.

 For Veterans Day, the boys gave the veterans in the stand a big round of applause.

 Last run of the season - it was a good one!  Slid in just under the tag!  :)