Monday, November 09, 2015

Drew's 7th Birthday Party - November 6, 2015

The boys' baseball schedule made it a bit tricky to schedule Drew's birthday party this year.  :-/  On November 6th, we finally got to celebrate that sweet boy with an American Ninja Warrior birthday party!  The nearby trampoline park recently added a warrior course, so Drew requested to have his party there.  It was so fun!

 A brother vs. brother jousting show down
 Big Brother had no mercy on the birthday boy!

 So many sweet friends were able to come - Drew was thrilled!

 The Eddlemons came over after the par-tay and Uncle Corey became the entertainment, of course!  That guy is a human jungle gym.  ;)

We loved celebrating the sweetest 7 year old on the planet!  Thanks to all who were able to come and party with us!