Monday, June 29, 2015

Swimming Weekend at Gran & Papa D's

Owen was just starting to get the hang of swimming at the end of last Summer.  I was curious if he would remember how to do it.  He got in that water and turned into a fish immediately!  So proud of our big four year old!
 Gran with her littlest grandguys  :)
 I was determined to get our serious Seth to smile for a pic with me.  I got a little smirk...  I'll take it!
 There was a fun game of pool baseball among the cousins.

 Cute pic of all of these cute cousins

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our 15th Anniversary

I cannot believe that Wade & I have been married for 15 years!  Man, that makes us sound OLD!

We had a fun night celebrating our marriage at Grace.  Wade surprised me with a beautiful ring!  I was shocked!

 We haven't aged at all, huh???


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

My boys are so blessed that God gave them the Daddy that they have!  Wade is an extraordinary, hands on, fully involved, capable shepherd, best friend, great coach kind of Dad!  We are so grateful that he is ours!

Friday, June 19, 2015

VBS 2015

We had a great week at VBS!  I was able to teach 4th graders.  I got to spend the week with Clayton and lots of his friends, and I got to teach with 3 of my friends.  It was great!

 It rained on Tuesday night, and our room had a bit of a leak.  So... we had no electricity on Wednesday morning.  Whomp, whomp!  We made it work, though, and "powered through."  ;)  That's what we do at VBS, right?!?!

We are thankful for a church that opens its doors to the community and welcomes all the little children with open arms!  It is so neat to see kids learn about Jesus and sing praises to Him!  We pray that seeds were planted and that these kids will all come to know the Lord and His love for them.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend at the Lake

We sure love our time with Kimi & Joe at the Lake!  I am so thankful for these sweet memories that my kids get to make there.

 On the way home, my Hubby went into the gas station and brought me out a treat.  ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

2521 Carrollton Meet Up

I got to see my sweet 2521 roomies today!  These girls are so near and dear to my heart - I love them to bits!  Laura came to town and suggested a meet up in Carrollton at the Chick-fil-a, so an impromptu get together came together.  ;)  We sure missed Cindy & Traci!

 It has been 15 years since we lived together - hard to believe!  We now have 11 kids between us - 13 all together with Cindy & Traci.  I smiled as our band of crazies had highchair races in the playland.  It was like a full circle moment...  The 20 year old version of myself would have been thrilled that our kids were playing together.  :)
 While in Carrollton, I couldn't pass up the chance to take the kids on a walk down memory lane.  ;)  I showed them the house that Wade moved into in the 4th grade.
 I also showed them the house that my parents lived in from before I was born until I was in college.  My parents brought me home to this house as a newborn, and I lived there until I went to A&M.  Pretty cool to take my kids there now!

Clayton wanted to ring the doorbell at both houses and as for a tour.  Mama said no.  And warned him about tresspassing.  ;)

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Clayton 10U Baseball - White Sox

 Opening Day 3/16

 Sweet Cheerleaders at the First Game
 Game Ball :)

 June 3rd, 2015 - The best baseball game that I have ever seen - Little League or MLB.  ;)  It was the battle of the Sox.  The Mighty White Sox beat the #1 ranked Red Sox in Round 2 of the Championship 13-12!  Everyone loves a good underdog, especially me!  We all screamed our heads off and had the best time!  I loved having Leah & the girls in the stands to cheer on our boy!  The best!  We were all so proud!

C hit a beautiful bunt!
 This coach... my goodness, he is wonderful!  He loves the game and loves these kids.  We could not be more thrilled for C to get to play for him!

Coach Dad gives some pretty great pep talks.  ;)
 Clayton was the Captain for the game against the DBacks on June 5th.

 We may not have won the championship, but there were plenty of reasons to celebrate!  Coach Raul knows how to celebrate!

It was a great season for the Mighty White Sox!  So proud of these boys, especially #13!