Thursday, June 04, 2015

Lego Americana Roadshow

Recently, I read that the Lego Americana Roadshow is currently near us, in Frisco.  I decided that it was a must see for the boys and I.  :)

We went to a VBS meeting with my teaching partners that morning.  When I told them about our plans for the afternoon, they jumped on board and decided to come along.  We love a good spur of the moment plan! 

The Statue of Liberty

 The Liberty Bell
 The Washington Monument

 Independence Hall

 Old North Church
 Lincoln Memorial

 The Supreme Court Building

 The Jefferson Memorial
 The US Capitol Building

 The White House

 Three Mamas and Nine Kiddos  :)
 The Kids filled out a fun questionnaire and got a poster when they turned it in to the Lego Store.
What a fun (and educational!) day with sweet friends!