Thursday, August 11, 2016

Six Flags

Yesterday, we took the boys to Six Flags!  They had gotten Read to Succeed coupons from school.  We learned that they could upgrade those coupons to season passes for $35.  Score!  We ended up getting season passes for all 5 of us.  This first visit was a bit warm for my liking, but I sure am looking forward to Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park when it is cooler.  :)

The boys got me on Batman and Mr. Freeze first thing.  Holy Moley - my stomach was in the throat!  I *may* have said, "I cannot believe that people pay actual American dollars to feel like this!"  Haha!  I decided to be a bit more cautious for the remainder of the day and stuck to rides that were less likely to make me feel nauseous.  :)

The little boys rode Harley Quinn's Spinsanity over and over and over again.

Wade & Clayton rode the Riddler's Revenge.
 We all rode Judge Roy Scream.  I had talked it up and told the boys how much I loved it when I was a kid.  Drew & Owen didn't love it.  Drew kept leaning over to me and saying, "I don't like this.  I don't like this."  He was quick to lean back and console Owen in between telling me how much he disliked the ride.  He would say, "Owen, it's okay, Buddy.  We're almost done!"  Then he would go back to, "I don't like this.  I don't like this." to me.  Bless his heart.  He was trying to console his brother even  in the midst of his own angst.  Sweet boy.

 Mine Train
 The Log Flume
The Shock Wave now has a Virtual Reality element to it where you can wear a headset during the ride.  Apparently, it makes it feel like you are a fighter pilot.  Wade & Clayton loved it!  The littles and I were content to watch from the sidelines.  :)

 The Antique Cars

 The Swings

 The boys were dying to go to the midway and play some games.  Owen won a hat and a sword.  Drew won a stuffed animal.  Everyone's a winner!

We finished off the day with a carousel ride.
It was a super hot day o' fun, but we had a good time!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Owen did his first Saxon Math sheet this week.  I feel like that is a rite of passage at the Carpenter Casa.  ;)  This Kindergarten thing is starting to get real - less than 3 weeks!  I don't know if my heart can take it!

Last week, I said, "Owen maybe you shouldn't go to Kindergarten.  Maybe you should just stay home with me."  He said, "But, Mama, I need to go and meet my new friends."  I said, "Well, I could be your friend."  He said, "You can be my after school friend, and I can meet some school friends, too."  Haha!  Apparently, he is in it for the social aspect, and his ole Mom isn't going to cut it as his bestie.  ;)

Lambo Experience

Our Daddy works so hard to provide for our family and goes above and beyond to spend every waking moment serving our family and investing in our boys.  We wanted to get him a super fun Father's Day gift, so we collaborated with Leah & the girls.  Leah suggested renting an exotic car, but that was a bit out of our price range.  I loved the idea, though!  When I stumbled upon a Groupon for Drive Exotica, we jumped on it!

The Groupon allowed Wade & Todd to drive a Lamborghini LP560-4 for 7 laps on their 1.3 mile closed course.  They were super pumped!  We scheduled their drive time for this past Saturday, and it ended up being such a fun experience for the whole family!

These cuties played with Hot Wheels cars while their Daddies watched the safety video.
C had his eye on this red Ferrari - dream on, Buddy!  :)
Safety first!

And he's off...!

The changes in elevation and some tight turns made the course fun for our guys.

Look at that smile - I think he had a good time!  ;)

Wade's instructor was so nice!  He let the boys sit in the Lambo and check it out.  They thought that was way cool!

They got to see the Maserati too.

We topped it all off with a late lunch at Babe's.  It was a fun Dude Day for our Daddies!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Carpenter Olympics & The Opening Ceremonies

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are underway and the Carpenters have a bad case of Olympics fever!  ;)

Four years ago, Wade planned the Carpenter Olympics during the opening ceremonies, and it was so fun!  We decided to do it again this year.  Look how little these babies were 4 years ago!

Man, how time flies!

This year, we had the best time!  I sure do miss my babies being babies, but having big kids is a whole new kind of fun!

Daddy carried in the Olympic Torch (aka grill lighter) to start the games  ;)
 I read the history of the Olympics off of our Veritas Press cards.  (There may have been grumbling from the participants, but it did not deter me from seizing the opportunity to sneak in a little education.  Ha!)
 Go U.S.A.!
 Rio 2016
 I live with a bunch of crazies.  ;)
 The first event was table tennis (bouncing a ping pong ball into cups of colored water).  The orange in the middle was worth 3 points, the green on either side was worth 2 points, the blue corners were worth 1 point, and the red in front of and behind the orange was worth -1 point.  Good times! 

 Clayton won the first event, and the boys got to choose (in order of where they placed) a prize from the dollar store.
I asked them to pose with their prizes, and Clayton took the opportunity to bite his "medal."  He cracks me up!
 Next we had the discus event (with paper plates).  Drew was the big winner.  :)

In honor of golf returning as an Olympic event this year, we had a putting competition.  Owen started us off and ended up smoking us all!  Almost every ball went into the middle cup/hole.  I said, "Whoa!  Owen, we should get you in golf lessons."   He immediately replied, "Nah.  I already know how to play."  ;)

 My golf by correspondence instructor would be so proud!  ;)

Next up was the javelin using a pool noodle.
 Daddy was serious about watching for foot fouls!

Drew ended up winning the javelin as well.  It was a fun family night to start off the Olympics!  Go Team USA!  Looking forward to many gold medals for our Olympians!