Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Clayton's Surgery

In our never ending quest to help our Clayton breathe better, we recently had him seen by an ENT in our area.  He suggested surgery to remove Clayton's adenoids and laser some excess tissue off of his nasal passages.  He had never had any kind of surgery before, so we were all a bit anxious.  He did really well, though!  He was hysterical after his dose of oral Versed.  He was waving at the automated paper towel dispenser (he was convinced that the hand icon that instructs people to wave their hand to advance the paper towels was waving at him), putting his surgical cap over his feet, acting silly, etc.  He had Wade & I in stitches!

He did well during the surgery, thankfully.  He was pretty grouchy (not himself at all!) after surgery.  I kept apologizing to all of the staff and promising that he is really a good kid, not the demon child that he was acting like.  Haha!

Hoping that this surgery helps our boy to breathe easier!