Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Owen Conquers the Neighborhood Waterslide

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lil Ninjas With P

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Michigan - 7/14 through 7/21

Wade's company is located in Michigan, and he has traveled there monthly for the last 8ish years.  I, however, had never been to "The Great Lakes State."  We were able to rectify that and make the trip as a family.  I had no idea that Michigan was so beautiful!  I am told that it is gorgeous in the Summers, but brutal in the Winter.  Glad that we went in July!
We started our trip in Traverse City and went to the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

 Boys are brave!  Just taking this picture made me queasy.  ;)  That is Lake Michigan behind my boys.  I didn't realize that lake water could be so clear.  I was told that it is clear because there are white pebbles/sand under the water.

 The boys loved running/rolling down the dunes.

 The next day, we drove to Petoskey.  We stopped at Royal Farms to pick some cherries.  :)

 We stayed at the Perry Hotel.  It was built in 1899, and was so charming!  Beautiful views and quaint, little seating areas.

After visiting Petoskey, we drove to a ferry that took us to Mackinac Island.  Wade had told me about the island, and I was most excited about this portion of the trip.  Mackinac is a small island - 8 miles in circumference.  There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island.  The only means of transportation are bikes or horse drawn carriages.  So cool!  Wade had high hopes that we would take a family bike ride around the island, but an 8 mile bike ride for a girl that hadn't ridden a bike since she was 13 seemed crazy.  I was nervous!  It turns out that what they say is true!  It really is like riding a bike!
 Wade took my picture when we first started our ride.  I was a little shakey at first, and I am pretty sure that Owen was wishing that he had chosen a different driver.  Ha!
The Arch Rock - total worth climbing 207 stairs!

 There were tons of rock sculptures that people had constructed along the shoreline.

 This was about halfway through our bikeride.  They don't allow training wheels on the island, so Drew rode on a "Co-pilot" (extension) behind Wade's bike.  Clayton rode on his own bike.  We debated about getting a Co-pilot for Owen, but I was worried that he would fall asleep and fall off.  Ha!  So, I pulled him in a Burley behind my bike.

 I was right - O fell asleep on our ride.  Good thing we didn't have him pedaling on a co-pilot!
We loved our bike ride around the island - such a fun way to explore!
 Drew's favorite part of Makinac island was the fudge!
 The boys got to pet some of the horses that pull the buggies.
 I told the boys that I wanted to visit the Butterfly Conservatory.  They grumbled a bit, but ended up loving it!  When will they learn that Mama knows best!  ;)


 The following day, we went to Fort Mackinac.  The boys dressed like soldiers, held guns that are 130 years old, and Clayton got to help fire the cannon.  They were in little boy heaven!

I always tease that Wade & Clayton have the "audience participation" gene.  When they ask for a volunteer from the crowd, you can bet that one of them will get chosen.  ;)  No surprise that Clayton got picked to help fire the cannon.

Begrudgingly, we left Mackinac Island.  We were all sad to go!  We sure enjoyed our stay, and hope to go back someday!

We weren't sad for long, because our next stop was Birmingham, where Wade spends lots of time.  Many of his very good friends live there, so the boys & I were excited to put faces with the names we had heard so often.
Jinhee loved Owen!  They were good buddies!  We also met Dee, Steve, and Mrs. Jane (who makes the most incredible pies!).  We also got to see Uncle Tony, of course.
Tony & Dee took us to downtown Detroit to see the city and have our very own coney challenge.  We tried the dogs at Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island.  American won by a unanimous vote!
We also got to go to a Tigers game.  Fun for our baseball loving family!

We visited Daddy's office and saw their new building.  Drew pretended to drive the fork lift.  ;)
Before we left, Uncle Tony had us all over to his house for a barbecue.  He took C for a ride around the block in his Aston Martin.  He was thoroughly impressed!
Thanks for the fun, Michigan!  I am so sorry that I spent my entire life thinking that you weren't all that great.  You are actually a beautiful state full of kind people!  We will be back!