Friday, May 21, 2010

Game Over

Last night was Clayton's last tee ball game of the season. :( I have really, really enjoyed watching him play. His sweet little ears sticking out from under his ball cap, his little baseball pants that make me realize that he is still so small, and watching the pride on his face when he crosses home plate - I loved it all!

Unfortunately, I think that this may be our last season of tee ball (at least for a little while). Clayton got to ride in the cart with Wade while he played a round of golf this week and he declared, "I think that I'm done with playing tee ball. I'm pretty sure that golf is going to be my thing." So... I guess that we are will be on to the next sport. It's all about being a well rounded athlete, I suppose. ;)

The league that Clayton played for this season awards a "game ball" each game to the kid that is the MVP of the game. Well, there were 12 kids on the team and 12 games, so you do the math. Each kid got the ball at some point in the season. They would all get so excited during the team huddle after the game to find out who got the game ball. Well... after waiting all season, Clayton finally got the game ball. We were pretty sure that he would be the last one. He was the youngest one on the team, and many of the kids played together last season. My Mama heart was so worried that Clayton would be sad that he didn't get picked until the last game. But, the great part about this age is that he didn't really grasp the concept of the hierarchy. He said, "They must have saved the best for last!" Ha ha! Bless his heart.

The Cutest Little Ball Player in the Land
Scoring a Run

You have to maintain a serious "baseball ready" stance when on the pitcher's mound.

Check out that form! Ha!

"Good game. Good game."

The Proud Owner of the Final Game Ball

Clayton literally hugged Coach Ron when he got the game ball. He was soooo excited!

It was a fun season watching our little ball player. Maybe he won't stay retired for long. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Then & Now

Sometimes I think that Clayton and Drew look so much alike and other times I think they look completely different.

Clayton Spring 2006 & Drew Spring 2009

They don't even resemble each other to me in those pictures.

They look really similar in the ones below, though.

Brothers... so much alike, but each their own person. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Self Diagnosis

I am not one to be a hypochondriac, but I have recently diagnosed myself with a few conditions...

* Motherhood Induced ADD - I used to be able to focus and complete a task, but now I find myself constantly distracted and unable to finish what I started. What in the world has happened to me??? Too much multi-tasking, I guess... ;)

* Car Claustrophobia - My car history goes like this: 1980 Honda Civic Hatchback (Oh, that car.... It was originally red but faded to a lovely pinkish color by the time that I got it in 1995. To make matters worse, my Dad put grey wool seat covers on the front seats. Thanks for that, Dad. Despite it's flaws, I loved that car.), 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit convertible (That was a super cute car, but it had a standard transmission. I never did really master that skill.), 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse (I paid the payments on that one with my babysitting money. I really, really LOVED that car!), 1996 Honda Civic, 2003 Honda Accord, 2009 Suburban (My current car and the largest vehicle that I have ever driven.)
I love The Burb. I really do. It is roomy enough for our family and all of our stuff. It makes road trips so much easier. It is new and pretty and I am sooo thankful for it. But... it is a pain in the rear to park. I feel like all of the cars around me are really close. I won't park in between two cars (there has to be an open spot on one side so that I can swing wide into the space) and I prefer the slanted spots over the regular straight spots. (That has almost made me quit my beloved Target with its straight parking spots in favor of Walmart with its slanted spots. It's crazy. I know.) I end up just parking in the very back of the parking lot and hiking it with two kids in tow. Maybe Car Claustrophobia will double as a work out plan. Ha!

* INAN (I Need A Newborn) - I love babies. I love everything about them. I can smell them from a mile away, and I'm magnetically drawn to them. I find myself looking at pregnant women or new mothers and totally coveting the fact that they get to hold their newborns as long as they want and whenever they want.
Unfortunately, I don't think that this is a curable condition. I think that I could have 20 children and be well past my child-bearing years, but I would still have INAN. Luckily, I have several close friends that are expecting new babies in the next few months. So, I'll get my fix. :)

Self Diagnosis - it's a healthy thing, right? :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

So... I'm a little behind on the ole' blog. If the blog is slow, then life is moving fast. I feel like that is the case, anyway. :)

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year! Wade & the boys made me breakfast, and Clayton declared that I "had the whole day off!" Ha ha!

We were running late to church, so there was no time for pictures. We tried to snap a few after church, but Drew was D-O-N-E and in major need of a nap. So... this was the best one of the three of us. Nice.

The boys gave me some lovely gifts and (my personal favorite!) some homemade cards. :) Isn't this candy card so cute?!?!

Of course, I love anything that Clayton makes. It just doesn't get any better...

Thanks to all three of my boys for making my Mother's Day wonderful! I adore you and love being the Mommy at our house.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First & Last

Clayton went to Mother's Day out for the FIRST time in September of 2006. He was just 18 months old...

And, today was his LAST day EVER of preschool.

It's the end of an era, my friends. Clayton is no longer a preschooler!

Clayton and Wade have both picked up on the fact that I am a little apprehensive about him being a kindergartener. They have been teasing me and taunting me relentlessly for the last few days! Stinkers. Both of them.... stinkers.

Last night when we were doing bedtime hugs & kisses, Wade said, "Clayton, give Mama her last hug & kiss from you as a preschooler." What in the world?!?!? Isn't my spouse supposed to be helping me through this difficult (for me) transition. ;)

Clayton isn't much better. He says things like, "Mommy, I'm almost going to kinnnnderrrrgartennnn!" Drawing out the word in an effort to make it more dramatic.

Like father, like son, I guess. Stinkers.

I am very proud to say that I have made it through these last few weeks without shedding a single, solitary tear. I didn't cry at graduation or today or any time in between. I said goodbye to Clayton's preschool years with fond memories and a happy heart. I'm so thrilled with the little boy that Clayton has become, and I can't wait to see him grow and change as a kindergartner. It's going to be great - I just know it!

As a special treat, Clayton's sweet teachers gave him Leo the Lion (their class pet) to take home forever. He grew quite fond of Leo when he got to take care of him for a week in the fall. He was super sad when his turn was over. He cried many a tear over returning Leo, so that the next student could take him home. Ms. D said, "No one has ever loved Leo like Clayton loved Leo." Ha ha! So, she told me that she wanted to give him to Clayton at the end of the year. Isn't that sweet?

When we got in the car after school, I told Clayton that Ms. D & Ms. P had decided that he could take care of Leo forever. He was thrilled! What a fun souvenir from his year as a Lion. :)

I have loved everything about Clayton's preschool. They do an amazing job with the kids. One of my very favorite things that they do is their "Me Books." It is like a scrapbook with pictures, artwork, and such from throughout the year. I have looked at his Me Book from last year a hundred times and will treasure this year's book as well. I know how much hard work that the teachers put into these books, and I so appreciate their time and effort. They are priceless to us sappy, nostalgic Mamas. It's another sweet souvenir from his year as a Lion. :)

I'm not sure how I feel about him saying that I smell "applish." Ha! So funny...

FIRSTS and LASTS.... that's what life is all about, right?

Clayton, I can't wait to see what FIRSTS and LASTS are in your future, Sweet Boy.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Last night was Clayton's end of the year preschool program and his preschool graduation. Oh my word, y'all, I don't know how much more of this growing up that my heart can handle...

Doesn't he look so grown up in that cap and gown??? In my mind, this picture makes me fast forward to 2023 and I can just imagine my sweet little Love at his High School Graduation. Sniffle, sniffle.

Okay, okay, back to 2010 and preschool graduation...

It was a sweet little program, and Clayton did a great job. I was so proud of my boy! His precious teachers & the preschool staff worked so hard to put on a wonderful performance. It was a memorable night, for sure.

Clayton's class sang a song called, "Absolutely Nothing" based on Romans 8:39. It was cute! You'll see this in the video, but he made a funny face and said something in between the verse and the song. I asked him about it later and he filled me in with, "I said, 'Cue the Music!'" Ha ha! Funny boy. He also told his teachers that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. What??? That's news to me! It would make his science nerd Mama very happy, though. ;)

The Lion Class in action

Clayton held the final hand motion for a really long time. So funny!

Getting his "diploma"

Here's the full video, for your viewing pleasure. :)

I was really worried about how Drew would do for 1 1/2 hours during the program. I panicked at the last minute and almost called a babysitter. But, Sweet Boy did so good! He sat in his little seat and colored with Grammie.

He also ate his weight in puffs! He almost ate a whole can! But, he was quiet, and that was the goal. :)

Ms. P. and Ms. D.
They have both been so good to Clayton! He really loves them (as you can tell!).

Proud Mama & Daddy with our "Graduate" ;)

Grammie and Papaw were so sweet to drive in for the performance.
Clayton was THRILLED to have them in the audience!

Clayton with one of his buddies

Clayton loves this little girl...

and this one. :)

We got our Mother's Day & Father's Day presents at the little reception after the program.
I got a flower pen in a flower pot, and Wade got this cute little frame.
It said, "Hooked on You, Dad" and Clayton had on a fishing hat in the picture.

When we got home, we had a mini-party for Clayton. We ate cake and he got a couple of presents. Any excuse for a party, right? :) He got a watch and some golf clubs. He was loving life!

Clayton has 2 more days of preschool, and then he will officially be kindergarten bound! The end of one chapter, and the beginning of the next. I can't wait to see what the future holds!