Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Self Diagnosis

I am not one to be a hypochondriac, but I have recently diagnosed myself with a few conditions...

* Motherhood Induced ADD - I used to be able to focus and complete a task, but now I find myself constantly distracted and unable to finish what I started. What in the world has happened to me??? Too much multi-tasking, I guess... ;)

* Car Claustrophobia - My car history goes like this: 1980 Honda Civic Hatchback (Oh, that car.... It was originally red but faded to a lovely pinkish color by the time that I got it in 1995. To make matters worse, my Dad put grey wool seat covers on the front seats. Thanks for that, Dad. Despite it's flaws, I loved that car.), 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit convertible (That was a super cute car, but it had a standard transmission. I never did really master that skill.), 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse (I paid the payments on that one with my babysitting money. I really, really LOVED that car!), 1996 Honda Civic, 2003 Honda Accord, 2009 Suburban (My current car and the largest vehicle that I have ever driven.)
I love The Burb. I really do. It is roomy enough for our family and all of our stuff. It makes road trips so much easier. It is new and pretty and I am sooo thankful for it. But... it is a pain in the rear to park. I feel like all of the cars around me are really close. I won't park in between two cars (there has to be an open spot on one side so that I can swing wide into the space) and I prefer the slanted spots over the regular straight spots. (That has almost made me quit my beloved Target with its straight parking spots in favor of Walmart with its slanted spots. It's crazy. I know.) I end up just parking in the very back of the parking lot and hiking it with two kids in tow. Maybe Car Claustrophobia will double as a work out plan. Ha!

* INAN (I Need A Newborn) - I love babies. I love everything about them. I can smell them from a mile away, and I'm magnetically drawn to them. I find myself looking at pregnant women or new mothers and totally coveting the fact that they get to hold their newborns as long as they want and whenever they want.
Unfortunately, I don't think that this is a curable condition. I think that I could have 20 children and be well past my child-bearing years, but I would still have INAN. Luckily, I have several close friends that are expecting new babies in the next few months. So, I'll get my fix. :)

Self Diagnosis - it's a healthy thing, right? :)


Mrs. H said...

Sarah, Sarah... What have I done to you? I must proclaim that you are normal. Even old grandmothers can relate to your phobias. you are too hard on yourself. All three of your boys are thankful and feel blessed for/by you. You were given to God even before you were born. He does amazing work!

Holly said...

Block off your calendar from November to April so that I can help you with an INAN therapy program I created. That will be a win-win situation! :)

I'm with you about Target's parking spots. I hate parking the truck there.