Friday, May 21, 2010

Game Over

Last night was Clayton's last tee ball game of the season. :( I have really, really enjoyed watching him play. His sweet little ears sticking out from under his ball cap, his little baseball pants that make me realize that he is still so small, and watching the pride on his face when he crosses home plate - I loved it all!

Unfortunately, I think that this may be our last season of tee ball (at least for a little while). Clayton got to ride in the cart with Wade while he played a round of golf this week and he declared, "I think that I'm done with playing tee ball. I'm pretty sure that golf is going to be my thing." So... I guess that we are will be on to the next sport. It's all about being a well rounded athlete, I suppose. ;)

The league that Clayton played for this season awards a "game ball" each game to the kid that is the MVP of the game. Well, there were 12 kids on the team and 12 games, so you do the math. Each kid got the ball at some point in the season. They would all get so excited during the team huddle after the game to find out who got the game ball. Well... after waiting all season, Clayton finally got the game ball. We were pretty sure that he would be the last one. He was the youngest one on the team, and many of the kids played together last season. My Mama heart was so worried that Clayton would be sad that he didn't get picked until the last game. But, the great part about this age is that he didn't really grasp the concept of the hierarchy. He said, "They must have saved the best for last!" Ha ha! Bless his heart.

The Cutest Little Ball Player in the Land
Scoring a Run

You have to maintain a serious "baseball ready" stance when on the pitcher's mound.

Check out that form! Ha!

"Good game. Good game."

The Proud Owner of the Final Game Ball

Clayton literally hugged Coach Ron when he got the game ball. He was soooo excited!

It was a fun season watching our little ball player. Maybe he won't stay retired for long. ;)


Mrs. H said...

I had a feeling golf would be next. When he got golf clubs for graduaton, I knew golf would be the next sport. He loves anything that keeps him so like his Dad. Looking at Clayton play t-ball was fun - even if I only was able to be there through pictures.

The Scogin Family said...

LOVE IT!!! What a cutie! :) Hope we can let Clayton and Lily play soon! :)