Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Storybook Party - October 29, 2015

October 29th was a super fun day at school!  Owen had orange day at preschool, Drew had his storybook party, and Clayton had a costume contest at his party.

A Pirate, A Morph, and A Preschooler  ;)
 Austin, Drew, and Luke
 The Roommom in Drew's class went all out with fancy cookies, mini pumpkins to decorate, and a fun Bingo game!
 I snagged a newborn (my friend Jinny's little 2 week old) and that made it the best party EVER!  That tiny little thing was so precious!  I probably should have offered to share, but I hogged him the entire time.  ;)
 Drew's little class is sooooo sweet!  I think that Mrs. Loudermilk seriously lucked out!  So did we, of course, because she is wonderful!
 Clayton and 3 of his friends decided to be the "Morph Bros" in hopes of winning the best group contest.  Odd choice, in my opinion, but we went with it.  ;)

It was a sugared up, wild & crazy, fun day at ACA!  These kids work sooooo hard with their rigorous curriculum - I am glad that they get to have these occasional fun days where they get to goof off with their classmates.  :)