Thursday, October 09, 2008

2 More Weeks To Go!!!

2 More Weeks To Go - YAY!!!

I went to the doctor today and everything is still going very well with Baby Drew. My blood pressure was only 110/70 - a far cry from the 140's/90's that I was at this point with Clayton. He did a sonogram and estimated Drew's current weight. According to his measurements, Drew weighs 6.9 lbs right now! At this point he is gaining about 0.5 pounds a week, which means he should be right at 8 lbs when he is born. I feel like that weight is a bit conservative - I think he will be closer to 8.5lbs. We'll just have to wait and see...

I must admit that I am getting pretty uncomfortable these days. This has been such an easy pregnancy (if there is such a thing!). I have felt so good and had a lot of energy up to this point. I know that is a huge blessing, believe me! So, I will gladly deal with two weeks of discomfort. I know that the pay off is a sweet little baby and that is totally worth it!

I have been reluctant to post preggo pictures on our blog - mostly because none of them seem to be flattering (imagine that!). But, in the words of my pal, Sarah P., "If pregnancy isn't to humble you, I don't know what is." So, here is what I look like now.

And, this is what I feel like... (courtesy of TLC's John & Kate plus 8)

Thinking of this poor lady is the only thing that makes me feel better about my big belly. :)

At this point, a few thoughts go through my head on a daily basis:
1. You know all those specials they do on The Learning Channel about women who deliver babies and they never knew that they were even pregnant. How is that possible?!?!?! I just don't get how you could miss a growing belly, huge kicks from baby, and all the other pregnancy symptoms.
2. How do people like this go through pregnancy 18 times??? That would mean that you would be either pregnant or nursing for like 20 years! Wow - that's unbelievable to me.
3. How on earth am I going to handle two kiddos? That is my biggest concern - how I am going to be a good mom to two boys and a good wife to Wade. I am absolutely petrified when I think about it. Hopefully, the Lord will give me strength that I don't feel like I have and I will be able to serve all three of my guys in the way that He has intended.
4. Even with the aches and pains of the end of this pregnancy, I know this is the easy part. Drew is easy to take care of right now - he is always fed, always happy, he goes with me everywhere, and he never cries. I am a little nervous about the sleep deprivation that is to come!

I think that's all that I have to say for now. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and well wishes as we prepare to meet our sweet Drew. He'll be here before we know it!


Doug and Kelli said...

Sarah!! Have no fear... you and Wade are amazing parents... Doug and I talk about it all the time. We can't wait for the big day. 2 MORE WEEKS :)

Leigh Ann said...

You need to relax. Did you not doubt your mothering abilities before Clayton came along? Taking care of 2 does keep you busy, but it all gets done, eventually! And life goes on if it doesn't! Don't sweat the small stuff!

Chris & Amanda said...

Keep us posted. I will be in Dallas for work the week of 10/27 - 11/1. Perhaps I can come see Drew after he arrives!

Put us on the call list - I will get Wade's digits from Chris so I can check in with him when I get there.

Enjoy the countdown!!!

Albus Adventures said...

Well, I have never seen that Kate + 8 show and this post assures that I never will...ick! You look beautiful and of course no one doubts your parenting abilities or your capacity to love all your boys as God intended! Enjoy the anticipation and see you in a couple weeks!

Mrs. H said...

You are a great mom and beaautiful no matter what your maternal status. You are the master at multi-tasking! Your three boys love you and are so proud of you. We are too!

The Pumkin Patch pictures are great. Clayton looks like he loved it - even without Spiderman.