Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Recap

Our day started with Wade & Clayton (okay, so it was mostly just Wade - Clayton couldn't hang for the 3 hour ordeal) carving a pumpkin. It turned out really neat.

Drew just hung out in his swing lookin' cute...

This posing stuff is hard work.
Then the boys got their costumes on for some pictures and trick or treating around the block.

Drew totally enjoyed his first trick or treating experience. :)

Clayton had a blast. A lot of our neighbors went all out - we're talking fog machines, strobe lights, etc. It was pretty impressive. "Bill" the skeleton was Clayton's very favorite. Apparently, one of our neighbors had a skeleton set up in their yard. They were standing behind their door with a microphone talking as if they were "Bill" the skeleton. Clayton LOVED it. He went back to that house several times to continue his conversation with "Bill." He even invited him over to our house. What a nut!
Here's a little background on the Captain America costume:
One day in early October, Clayton and I were looking at costumes online. He spotted the Captain America costume and shield. Well, that was all it took - the shield totally sold him on that costume. He wouldn't budge off of being Captain America (which he pronounces "Captain Camerica"). Hence, his Halloween costume.
Clayton has never seen Captain America on TV or in a book. He knows nothing about him (except that he has a cool shield!). So... he made up his own superpowers for Captain America. Here's a video of the story that he told us the other day.

So, there you have it. Captain America's superpower is getting back the Word of God from the bad guys. :)


Leigh Ann said...

Captain Camerica is my favorite super hero! And Drew...what a dashing little pumpkin! miss my guys!

Megan said...

HAHAHA. I LOVE this video. "Yep, I am. Now can I get up?" And, I guess no one, not even Captain America, is immune to hiccups.

Mrs. H said...

What a true picture of your three special guys. Clayton is a real super hero. Drew shows his true self by putting up with all the commotion. And Wade... he is a wonderful role model for them both. He is a perfect "Daddy".

Hannah said...

I love the picture of you and baby Drew. You have that glowing new mommy look in your eyes!

Leah Hunt said...

How precious is your family! I just love the detailed story about Captain America and his job! Clayton is the coolest little guy! Drew is so sweet. Seeing him so snuggled and sweet, makes me itch for a hold. Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

Keith and Judy said...

that is great! I love it. :)