Saturday, October 04, 2008

Big Brother 101

Today Clayton went to the sibling class that the hospital offers to prepare older siblings for their new baby's arrival. I originally signed Clayton up for the class thinking that it would just be something fun that would make him feel special. Actually, the class was really good and covered a lot of things that I hadn't thought about preparing Clayton for. Each child brought a stuffed animal from home to be their "baby." Clayton chose to take Andy - named after Andy from Toy Story (he had Andy way before we decided to name our baby Andrew).

They started off talking about baby stuff (diapers, bottles, bulb suction, belly button clamp, soft spots, etc.). Then they took us on a tour of the Labor & Delivery floor. We went by the nursery and there were several babies in there that the kids got to see. Finally, we went back to the classroom and the kids got to make a stuffed animal (like at Build A Bear). Clayton chose a monkey that he named Sparky. :) At the end, the kids all got Super Sibling certificates. What fun!

Clayton is pretty sure that he is ready for Drew. Now if Wade & I can just get ourselves ready...

Clayton and Andy

Feeding Andy a bottle

Trying to figure out how to put a baby's diaper on

Clayton and Sparky (complete with a birth certificate)

Being presented with his Super Sibling certificate

Only 19 more days... Yikes - better go work on my list!


Mrs. H said...

What a wonderful program!!
You all will be ready for Mr. Drew. We are anxious to meet that little guy.