Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Footprints, First Bath, and First Doctor's Appointment

Last night we decided to attempt handprints and footprints for Baby Drew's baby book as well as his first bath. What a mess! By the time that all was said and done, Drew and I were both covered in black ink and I had poop on my shirt. Fun times... :) Poor Drew screamed bloody murder throughout the whole process. Who can blame the poor little guy? He goes from being snugly warm and swaddled in a blanket to completely naked in a tub of water on the coldest night we've had this fall. Hopefully, more pleasant bathtimes are in our future.

We still can't get the stinkin' ink off of Drew's hands and feet. Does anyone have any tips?

Grammie and Batman cheered us on as we bathed our little guy.

Please notice the black hands and feet, the strategic placement of the washcloth, and the very mad newborn.

His little lip just quivered in between crying fits - it was pitiful.

We did a weight check once Drew had calmed down a little - 8 1/2 pounds. (To my nurse friends: yes I did zero the scale with the towel and a diaper on it. I am nothing if not precise.) :)

As if the poor little guy hadn't been through enough, he had to go to the pediatrician today. The NICU doctors wanted him to been seen within 3-5 days of discharge. When asked if I had any concerns, I mentioned to the nurse practitioner that he looked a little jaundice to me. She agreed and they had to poke Drew's little heel to check his bilirubin level. They called this afternoon and his level is elevated. So... we have to go back to the office on Thursday for a recheck. :( We are going to supplement him with formula for one feeding a day and put him in indirect sunlight to try to get his level down. Please pray that it does come down - our poor little baby has been through enough in his first 5 days of life!
They also weighed Drew today. He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. when we came home on Sunday. He is now up to 8 lbs. 9.5 oz. So, that is good. Hopefully, he will continue to pack on the pounds.

Before the blood draw...

Showing off his war wound.
Aside from all of the torture that Drew has gone through over the past 5 days, he is a REALLY good baby. (Knock on wood!!!) He pretty much just eats, sleeps, and looks cute. We have had to wake him up for every single feeding! We have let him go for up to 5 hours before waking him at night, although I am sure that he would have been perfectly content sleeping for a few more hours. He is just precious and the perfect addition to our family. We are treasuring every moment of him being a newborn. We know how quickly time passes... Better go now - I'm getting teary eyed. :)
Here's some pics of our home phototherapy session.


Mrs. H said...

I love the last picture.

Try Goo Gone on the ink.

Matt said...

Just love him!!! I think he looks like Clayton :)

Albus Adventures said...

I love looking at the pics but they also make me sad because I wish I could come by and hold him whenever I wanted! :(

Keith and Judy said...

I've missed so much!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Drew is so cute and all of your pictures are so great!!! You're in our thoughts and prayers during this exciting time. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that last picture is so precious!! Love,Tiffany

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Precious little boy!! I can't wait to get the B-35 babies together soon...!