Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival, Introductions, and Brotherly Bonding Over A Bottle

What a busy night! Our church had their fall festival tonight. I REALLY wanted to go, but I didn't want to expose Drew to a whole bunch of germs. So, Daddy and Grammie took Clayton to the festival. He had a blast (from what I hear). :)

Bowling - check out that follow through

This one is for Papaw - maybe Clayton will be a pitcher, too. :)

Clayton with is pal Zack

Wade's cousin, Taylor, and his wife, Julie, brought their kiddos over tonight to meet Baby Drew. It was so fun to see them! They wanted to see the nursery, so we took them up. We realized that Drew had not yet seen his own room! Even though I feel great, I haven't really felt like bounding up and down the stairs. So... Drew and I have pretty much been hanging out downstairs. We decided that it was about time for him to see his nursery, though.
Drew's first trip to his jungle. He was totally impressed with his father's artwork. :)

Kaylee was lovin' on her new second cousin

Since Drew's bilirubin level was high on Tuesday, the nurse practitioner wanted us to supplement him with one bottle of formula each day. Wade had given him two bottles, so tonight we decided to give Clayton a turn. Big Brother Clayton did a great job! We go tomorrow to recheck Drew's bili level. Hopefully, it will be back down and this will be Drew's last bottle for awhile.
What a great big bro!

He was concentrating so hard - look at his furrowed brow.


Mrs. H said...

What a good time they must have had. Clayton looked completely at ease giving Drew his bottle. What a good big brother he is.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Clayton is such a good big bro! Keep the pictures comin, mama!

Hannah said...

Sarah, It looks like you guys are doing great! Keep it up! Drew is so cute; he looks a bit like you, don't you think???