Thursday, October 25, 2007

Storytime at the Library

On Thursdays, we go to storytime at the library. Today the kids were supposed to wear their costumes and all of the stories were Halloween themed. All the little muchkins looked so cute dressed up. After storytime, there is always a craft project that has to do with the theme of the books that they read. Today the kids decorated a trick or treat bag. They then got to trick or treat at different places in the library (offices, the play house, etc). There is a closet in the library with a book drop slot in it where you return your books. Well... today one of the librarians hid in there and stuck her hand out of the book drop slot to hand out candy. All the kids acted confused, but they got their candy and went about their merry way. When all the excitement was over, we checked out some books and got ready to leave. Clayton ran over to the book drop closet and stood there. I walked over to him and he whispered, "Do you think that lady is still in there?" The librarians heard him and they both started laughing. One put her hand over her mouth (to muffle her voice) and said, "I'm still in here." Clayton said, "Thanks for the candy!" She replied, "you're welcome." As we were leaving, I could hear them laughing talking about how Clayton is always going to wonder about what's behind that door.