Friday, October 19, 2007

Grisham Farm

Today Clayton and I went to Grisham Farm with my friend, Angie, and her little girl, McKenna. I thought that it would just be something to do to get us out of the house and out of Wade's hair. But... it was really educational and fun. I knew that there would be pigs, cows, horses, goats, and other farm animals. I didn't know that there would be so many small exotic animals. Miss Stephanie let the kids pet a rat, a guinea pig, a chinchilla (which was remarkably soft, I must say), an albino hedgehog, a box turtle, a blue tongued lizard, a white-bearded some sort of dragon, a snake, a chicken, and a bunny. They also got to feed the goats, pigs, horses, and cows.

Funny things that Clayton said:

1. This morning I explained to Clayton that he was going to wear his overalls. He was not excited about them until I told him that farmers wear overalls. When we came home for naptime, I went to change his clothes. He started fussing and whining, "Please don't take off my farmer suit!"

2. I asked Clayton which animal was his favorite. I expected him to say the chinchilla or the hedgehog or the lizard. Nope - he said, "Ummm... the puppy dog was my favorite!"

3. Miss Stephanie gave the kids bread to feed the animals. Clayton was feeding the goats the bread. I turned my head for a second, only to realize that Clayton had seized the opportunity to stuff the remainder of a piece of bread in his mouth. Very sanitary... What can I say - that boy loves his carbs!

Petting a rat - Ew!
Talking about Diego and his chinchilla
"Mommy, he's prickly!"
Tuck from the Wonder Pets???
"His tongue is blue. My tongue is pink."
Who lets their 2-year-old pet a snake???
Farmer Clayton and his horse
It's a tough job feeding 2 animals at once!
Baa, baa, black sheep...
Throwing bread at the pigs
Is it nap time yet?
Clayton's favorite animal all day! ;)


Angie said...

Wow! You are so good at updating your blog! It will probably be a few days before I get my pics up from today! We had such a good time with you guys! We will have to do it again!

Kelli Sanders said...

I can only hope that one day I'll get to experience these things with my own children. You are such a wonderful mother and I know Clayton loves all these neat adventures!!!