Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Craft Show and State & Allen Dinner

Well... I know that many of you are wondering how the craft show went. It started off great. Angie and I had areas right next to each other. We worked on displaying our products perfectly and were ready to sell, sell, sell. We had price signs, receipt books, change boxes, and business cards. We laughed about how professional we were! We couldn't wait for 1:00 to come around so that we could start ringing up the sales.

One o'clock came and went without a single customer. Shoot! Finally, a few trickled in here and there. There were only about 10 shoppers all day. :( I did manage to sell 9 burpies and one of the large letters. (I won't mention that 5 of the burpies were purchased by my friend Kat and her friend Christy. Thanks Kat!!!) All in all, I barely made enough to pay the babysitter that came to watch Clayton on Saturday night. Pretty sad...

I was so bummed about the sale, but I knew that Wade and I were going to a fancy dinner afterwards. That was the only thing that got me through my disappointment. :) Wade's friend, Tony, owns a restaurant downtown called State & Allen. It is in a really trendy area where all the townhomes cost 3-4 times what our house costs. We have eaten there several times over the last year or so. I am always sure that someone is going to ask to see my "cool card" and kick me out when they realize that I don't have one. he he he

Anyway... the dinner was the 3 year anniversary dinner and it was an "invitation only" event. I was sooo excited about getting to go. We got there and it was a 7 course dinner with a different wine for every course. Way fancier than the kid-friendly restaurants that we usually go to. :) We had 1. Champagne, fruit, and cheese 2. Gnocchi (sp?) with figs and balsamic vinegar 3. Skate (some sort of fish) with a salad of micro greens 4. Another fancy pasta stuffed with rabbit 5. Pork belly (tasted much better than it sounds) 6. Veal cheek (also much better than it sounds) and fillet medallion 7. Chocolate soup and toasted apples. I can't even begin to tell you the names of all the wines. I am not usually a wine girl, but I drank most of the wines that they served. Thia - aren't you proud! It was the most divine meal that I have ever eaten. I am already counting down the days 'til their 4th anniversary. :)

Sorry that I don't have any pictures to post. I didn't bring my camera to the craft show or to the dinner. What was I thinking?!?!?!


emily anna said...

Hey girl... I just wanted to encourage you to not give up on your business venture. I am feeling the same way right now about my bags.

God gave you a wonderful talent, and He wants you to enjoy it! I LOVE your burpies, and letters... don't give up! :)

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

It's 6:31am and I'm already thirsty for wine. Is that bad for an elementary teacher? hahah Sounds like a great dinner.

You'll find a better venue for your burpies and letters. IT sounds like the sale wasn't advertised very well. Not your fault, chica!