Friday, October 19, 2007

State Fair

We took Clayton to the State Fair yesterday. We have taken him every year since he was born, and every year is more fun than the last. This year we stayed longer and ate even more than last year. I think Clayton loves fair food almost as much as Mommy and Daddy. We went to the dog show, the bird show, the petting zoo, the "little hands on the farm" exhibit, and rode the ferris wheel. Clayton was really funny during the dog show. He kept belly laughing after every trick. His eyes would light up and he would say, "I never knew'ed he could do that!" and "I never believed he could do that!" So funny...

He also really liked the petting zoo and was actually old enough to feed the animals on his own. He got a kick out of the animals coming right up to him to eat out of the shovel that he was holding. He also had fun being a farmer at the "little hands on the farm" exhibit. It is a really cute little deal. The kids get to "feed" the pretend animals, gather eggs, plant crops, pick crops, milk a pretend cow, get wool from a goat, then they take all their goods to market and get "paid." With their "money" they can choose something to buy. Clayton bought Nutra Grain bars (his very favorite food in the whole world), of course.

We also took Clayton on the ferris wheel for the first time. He loved it. He kept saying, "I want to go to the top again." We spent a lot of time searching for Spiderman while we looked at all the buildings downton. It is so fun to experience things with your child. All the things that seem so ordinary to me are new and exciting to Clayton. I just love that little guy!

Clayton's first State Fair corny dog

Lovin' his free ice cream cone
Milking a pretend cow
Planting his pea seed
Posing for a pic on his tractor
Driving his tractor to feed the cows
"Selling" his goods at the market

Feeding the camels
Petting a goat
Riding the ferris wheel