Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - 10/12/12

We went back to our very favorite pumpkin patch of all time on October 12th.  This was our third year to go to the same patch and it just gets better every year.  (Here are the links for 2010 and 2011.)  I definitely had my hands full this year with a 2nd grader, 3 year old, and toddler.  Whew - I was worn flat out by the end.  I may need to bring back up next year.  Ha!

 All the kiddos together - Luke, Clayton, Drew, Owen, Caroline, Sadie, Maggie, and our newest pumpkin, Cori  :)

 This boy was happiest when he was out of his stroller - freedom!  However, that meant double the work for Mama.  We compromised with a mixture of being strapped in the stroller and being free.  ;)

 Owen in all of his hair glory - Wade's ready to cut the curls and I am soooo not.  I'm going to ride the curl wave as long as possible.
 This little mess of sugar...  He is something else.
 Clayton kills me - I looked over and he had this chick on his head.  He is the animal whisperer, for sure.

Such a fun fall tradition...  :)


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

You know I love the shirts you made, Sarah!! And the boys wearing them are pretty cute lil punkins too! Is Clayton too big for pumpkin shirts now!? Oh, I am going to have to soak up every minute of my Drew being small enough to wear appliqued shirts! Glad it was a fun trip. Happy Fall Y'all!