Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Owen's Second Dentist Appointment

Since I was such a failure at photographing Owen's first dentist appointment, I decided to remedy that at his one month follow up appointment.  I even put him in the same outfit.  :)

Drew took a few pictures while we were waiting for the dentist to get to us.  They are every bit as lovely as you would imagine 3 year old photography to be...  ;)
The dentist ended up filing the point down a bit on Owen's front tooth.  It still looks pretty bad, but at least it isn't quite as sharp.  :-/  The dentist said that we may put a crown on it later, but he didn't want to sedate him for that procedure since he is still so young.  It may be an option when he gets a bit older, but for now we are just going to have to get used to his crazy tooth.  It's already growing on me a bit.  :)