Thursday, October 11, 2012

TobyMac Concert

Last Thursday, we surprised the boys by taking them to the TobyMac concert. It was so, so, so much fun!!! I videoed their reaction when we told them where we were going. I'm so glad that I did, because their reactions were priceless. :)

All that week we had watched and listened to air planes flying over our house practicing for the air show that weekend.  Those jets were LOUD!  Clayton spotted the ear plugs that we had bought for the concert and put two and two together (or so he thought...).  He convinced himself (and Drew) that we were going to the air show.  They would have loved the air show, of course, but I think that they were pretty excited about our plan. :)

Please excuse the squealing baby in the background.  :)

Jamie Grace and Christ August opened the concert.  They were both so good!  At one point, Toby came out to sing "Hold Me" with Jamie Grace, and the boys were stoked about the preview of what was to come.  :)

We thought that the boys would be crazy - dancing and singing like they do at home and in the car.  We were shocked when they sat there for the first 30 minutes still as could be.  I guess maybe they were overwhelmed???  They had a lot of fun, and haven't stopped talking about the concert, but they were stone faced while they studied the stage.  You just never know what you are going to get with those two...  ;)  They perked up after some Coke and popcorn courtesy of "Fun Dad."  Ha!

We couldn't pass up the merch tables without purchasing tour t-shirts for our little guys.  I have vivid memories of my first concert in 1988.  I wore my Amy Grant Lead Me On t-shirt proudly and frequently for many months, back in the day.  Ha!  My boys are following suit - they ask to wear their Eye On It shirts pretty often.  :)

After a brief intermission, it was TobyMac time!
The stage was so cool!  Our boys were mesmerized.  :)

Daddy got Drew amped up by singing and chair dancing with him.  :)

Here are a few videos that I took with my phone.  Such a fun show!

We had such a fun night with our big boys!  Owen stayed at home with Miss Jamie - I don't think that he would have enjoyed his concert experience.  ;)  I am so thankful for artists like TobyMac that my boys can look up to.  He sings passionately about his faith and his family - the two things that I hope are always most important to my boys.  I love hearing them sing lyrics like "to live is Christ, to die is gain," "look into the eyes of the brokenhearted, watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope," and "God forgave me for it all, Jesus bled forgiveness."  There is nothing more powerful than the gospel being sung from tiny faces!


dallasbrewers said...

I am laughing so hard about your first concert experience!!! I don't remember my first concert... maybe Wayne Watson- LOL!!!