Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Drew's Artwork

I had to post a couple of pictures of Drew's recent artwork.  They are just too cute not to document.  :)

His first school "project" was to make an All About Me poster.  He stuck on the letters and pictures, and told me exactly what to write.

We were drawing pictures at the dining room table together one day while Clayton was at school and Owen was napping.  I told him that he should draw a picture of his Daddy, and then I left the room to switch the laundry over.  When I came back, I died laughing at his explanation of his picture.  I had to write it all down verbatim for posterity's sake, because I will treasure this piece of paper always.  Ha!
Only a 3 year old with a brother who is really into science would draw a brain on his father's portrait.  ;)  When I asked about the squiggles on the arms and he told me they were "the hair on his arms," I about fell out of my chair.  That boy is so funny!