Tuesday, October 02, 2012

SeaLife Aquarium Field Trip

On September 14th, we went to the SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine with some other homeschooling families from our church.  The Aquarium was having Homeschool Week and offering a very discounted rate - too good of a deal to pass up.  :)

The kids had lots of fun, but I was a bit of a nervous wreck.  :-/  The aquarium is sectioned off into lots of smaller rooms.  Clayton, of course, wanted to be up front with his buddies filling out the scavenger hunt questions that the aquarium provided.  I was trying to navigate the crowds while pushing the stroller, so I seemed to always be several rooms behind Clayton.  That was a little unnerving - I need to be able to have my eyes on all 3 kiddos at all times.  After a few stern discussions/warnings, Clayton realized that he better stick with me.  I love doing this kind of thing, but I haven't exactly figured out how to keep all 3 of my children happy, safe, and entertained all at the same time in public.  I'm praying it gets easier as they get older...  :)

The Aquarium took this group shot where they added scenery digitally after the fact.  The kids were supposed to look up and look scared.  Clayton's friend in the red shirt cracked us all up - he had his terrified face down to a tee.  Ha!
 My Drew with a starfish - he thought they were really cool!
 He was diggin' the stingrays, too.
 Owen has started saying lots of words!  That deserves a video post very soon.  ;)  He pointed at the stingray tank and said, "See!  See!" over and over again in a really high pitched, sing songy way.  It was pretty cute!

 Clayton was a bit OCD about getting all of the questions for the scavenger hunt, hence the lack of pictures of him.
 Giant Pacific Octopus
 Little H is just a week younger than Owen.  They are at church together all of the time.  It was pretty cute when we pushed their strollers together and they recognized each other.  Owen just rested his hand on H's arm.  Sweet little buddies...  :)
 Miss Maggie was way into the "zebra print" and "cheetah print" eels.  She is her Mommy's girl!  Ha!
 I can't decided if this shot is cool or if it will give me nightmares.  ;)  That shark over my baby's shoulder makes me shudder a bit.

 The boys liked the tank where you could touch the starfish, crabs, etc.
 This was an unfertilized shark egg.

Another fun learning experience under our belt...  Even though it is hard to take all three boys to do this kind of thing, it is always worth it.  :)