Monday, October 04, 2010

Pumpkin Patch #1

It's October!!! Finally, the temperatures have dropped to comfortable jeans wearing weather. Glory Hallelujah!!!

We kicked off October by going to our first pumpkin patch of the season on Friday. We went with the Hunt girls (Leah, Maggie, Sadie, and their Gigi) to visit a new pumpkin patch by Leah's mom's house. It was the cutest little setup! They had animals, a barrel train, a corn maze, a bounce house, a playground area, face painting, and tons of pumpkins. And, the best part was that we were the only ones there. It was awesome!

I got a good picture with real smiles!
Thank you, Leah & GiGi for making them laugh. :)

The kids loved feeding the fish in the koi pond.
The goats were a little skittish around our crew. Wonder why... ;)
The sweet owner, Dede, let the kids hold baby chicks that are just 2 weeks old. Clayton thought that was pretty cool. :)
The corn maze was a big hit, too.
Clayton took off exploring before I could even snap a picture of him.

Sweet Mags enjoying the barrel train ride...
I was trying to help Leah snap a few pictures of the girls, and I had my back turned for just a few seconds. I turned around to find my Drew perched right up on the ATV like he owned the place. Oh my heavens, my heart immediately started beating a million times a minute. He, however, thought that it was great fun!
Clearly, the almost-2-year-old crowd doesn't heed the warning signs posted on said vehicles. ;)
We finished up the day with some bouncing.
Man, oh man, I love the fall! October is such a fun month - pumpkin patches, the state fair, a certain someone's birthday... Stay tuned - I have a feeling that there will be much better blogging around here this month. :)


Holly said...

What a fun day! I, too, love the Fall. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. My only suggestion - include your cute self, too! ;)

Mrs. H said...

Drew on the ATV is priceless! All of you had a blast. I bet you wouldn't be the only ones now at this pumkin patch. What great timing...