Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cowboy Up for Drew's 4th Birthday Party

We had Drew's birthday party the weekend before his birthday.  He told me months ago that he wanted a cowboy birthday party.  I was just sure that he would change his mind a hundred times, so I didn't rush booking anything.  But my boy was adamant that he wanted a cowboy party!  He never wavered - every time that I asked he assured me that he wanted a cowboy party.  So, I finally called up the ranch that I had found via google, paid my deposit, and booked his party.  I was so excited to tell him!  I announced, "Drew, guess what???  You are going to get to have your cowboy party!"  He said, "Uh, Mama, I want a Batman party."  Bubble. burst.  Ha!  I told him that he could have Batman presents and Batman wrapping paper, but he was having a cowboy party.  He said, "Oh, good!  That's great!"  ;)

My Hubs designed the invite - bless him!  I burned the edges and somehow managed not to burn our house down.  Ha!  I thought that they came out pretty cute.
We were super impressed with the ranch that I found online.  We really didn't know much about it, but the price was right.  Well, we lucked out!  It was wonderful - a rustic setting, a pavillion, a backup plan in case of rain, a great playground, horse rides, goats to feed, and a 3 hour time frame so we weren't rushed at all.  We will definitely use them again!

They even put his name up on the marquee sign.  He thought that was way cool!
Each of the kids got a cowboy hat, bandana, and sheriff's badge as party favors.

I made Smore's trail mix as another party favor.  Thank you, Pinterest!
I challenged myself not to spend a dime on decorations - and I didn't.  I reused all of the things from Clayton's old cowboy room.  Score!  The curtains became tablecloths.  The valence made a great runner.  The curtain tiebacks weighed down the bandanas.  I'm so glad that I saved that stuff!

Speaking of saving stuff...  Do you see that boot with the flowers in it?  That was a decoration at my Sweet 16 birthday party!  I saw it up in the top of a closet at my Mom's house, and she said that I could borrow it.  I guess it pays off to have a sentimental Mama.  Ha!

The playground next to the pavillion had this little barrel/bull that the kids liked riding on.
I was determined to ring the triangle at some point.  Ha!
When it was time for the horseback riding, the birthday boy got to go first.  He was so fun to watch!  Drew is usually a bit shy and isn't used to being the center of attention.  But... he got on that horse and he was eating up his moment in the spotlight.  He waved and waved like he was on a parade float.  So funny!

All of the kiddos got to ride.  Big brother took a turn...

Baby Brother did too!  He was super serious - surprise, surprise.  ;)  That boy is all business!

Cutting those eyes... gracious!  He is something else!

After pony rides, it was time to chow down.  My sweet hubs was in charge of the grill, and he did a great job.  He is such a servant, and I love that about him!
They mentioned that we could bring carrots for the kids to feed the goats if we wanted.  When we stopped to get ice before the party, I asked Wade to grab a couple of bags just in case a few of the kids wanted to feed them.  To my surprise, it ended up being a huge hit - all of the kids enjoyed it so much.

Audrey Girl - precious thing!
Love this silly birthday boy!
When it came time to sing and blow out candles, Drew busted out of his shell again.  He was such a ham at his party - a pleasant surprise! 

He was so giddy and giggled this nervous laugh throughout the gift opening process.  Silly goose!
"Thank you, Everyone!!!"
Three cute little cowboys...
My sweet nieces were AWESOME babysitters for Owen during the party!  Thank you M&M for all of your help!

Drew loved being surrounded by so many of his friends and family.  I hope that all of our guests had a good time!  We love you guys!  It was so much fun to plan a party for my sweet little cowboy.  I think that he enjoyed himself.  :)