Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Soccer - Fall 2012

My Clayton just finished the fall season of Upward Soccer.  He really enjoyed it!  He played soccer back when he was 3, you may remember.   It was quite comical to watch him back then - being silly and goofy 80% of the time that he was on the field and actually playing 20% of the time.  What a difference 4 years makes!   He was really into the game this season, and it was very fun to watch.  This was our second sport to play through Upward, and we continue to be really impressed with the organization.  It was a super fun season, and we are so proud of our boy!

 One of Clayton's best buds (#23) was on his team.  He loved getting to play with his pal.

 His coach really stressed the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.  It was cute to watch them run to their teammates and help them up if they were hurt.

 There were a couple of pretty chilly games towards the end of the season.  All of Clayton's fans bundled up to watch him play, though.  ;)

I'm kinda sad that the season is over.  I will miss seeing my eldest doing something that he loves.  On the plus side, though... we get to sleep in on Saturday mornings again now.  Yay!  :)