Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So sorry for the blogging hiatus, y'all! It has been a hectic few weeks, and honestly I just haven't made it a priority. Last night Wade & I were talking and he said, "Are you ever going to blog again? I'm pretty sure that people think you are dead." Ha ha! Rest assured that I am alive and well. :)

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Wade's family in East Texas. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures. I am slacking quite a bit these days with photographic documentation. Gotta get better about that...

6 of the 13 cousins on Wade's mom's side - The other 7 were greatly missed!
We are all getting together very soon, and I can't wait to see all 13 in the same place. There will be 13 kids ages 13 and under. What a crew!

Clayton is just crazy about all of these kids! My nieces were so sweet with Drew especially. It was like having 2 more little mothers! I loved every minute of having help. I may beg my SIL to let me have them all summer after Baby #3 gets here. :)

The lake is sooo pretty during the fall months. The trees are all different shades of autumn.

We had a mini-family photo session.
Everyone was extremely cooperative, as you can tell. :)

Actually, the boys did surprisingly well with our photo session. I was impressed! We ended up with some good Christmas card material and a happy Mama.

At what point did Clayton turn 12??? He looks so old in these pictures! It's almost more than my heart can bear!

Drew was precious and did such a good job! I have been lamenting the fact that I never took him for a true 2 year old photo session. Wade said, "Why on earth would you pay for an expensive sitting fee when he smiles and performs right on cue???" He has a point...

Wade's mom, aunt, and grandmothers (we got to see all 3 great grandparents!) all outdid themselves with our Thanksgiving feast. It was amazing! All that I can say is that I am glad that I have a couple of months before my glucose screen. ;) We had a great Thanksgiving with LOTS of family - what a blessing our families are to us!


Leah said...

Such a beautiful family!

Love these pictures!!!!

Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

"At what point did Clayton turn 12??" Girrrrrl, I was thinking the same thing! Handsome boys!

Mrs. H said...

We missed you guys!