Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's official!!!

It's official/legal/signed & sealed - we have 2 nephews!!!

Yesterday was the day that our family has been waiting for over a year for! Angel & Johnny are no longer A & J with faceless pictures! They are officially Jeff & Becca's sons! They will be a part of our family forever, and that isn't ever going to change. What a relief!

I will try to recap the event, but Becca did a much better job on their blog. The Houston Chronicle also covered their story in an article featured HERE.

Their adoption was finalized yesterday, and we couldn't be happier! Clayton & I had the privilege of being in the courtroom for the entire event. Originally, I was going to fly down by myself to be there for the big day. When I told Clayton about why I was going to Houston, he teared up and said, "But, I want to see Johnny & Angel become my cousins, too..." I couldn't deny him that experience! So, I decided to make it a Mother/Son road trip. :)

My Mom and Dad, Clayton and I, and LOTS of Becca and Jeff's friends from church were at the courthouse for the big day. It was very exciting! As soon as we got to the doors right outside of the court, I was overcome with emotion. I couldn't stop the tears! Becca looked at me and said, "Are you crying already???" Ha! I laughed and blamed it on hormones. But, that was when it all really hit me. I just thought about those sweet little boys and all of the junk that they have been through in their short lives. I also thought about the future and how one day they will realize how much Becca & Jeff love them and the huge sacrifices they made to make Angel & Johnny their sons. What a beautiful picture of love they have now!

The court experience itself was really neat to watch. My favorite part was when they had sworn Becca in and asked her if it was her intention to formally adopt Angel & Johnny. She replied, "Yes, please!!!" I could just hear in her voice that she was so ready for this to be final! I also loved when the judge asked their social worker if she felt that Becca & Jeff's home was the best possible choice for Angel & Johnny. She answered, "Absolutely!" She has been with the boys for 2 years and placed them with Becca & Jeff a year ago. It was neat to see her so confident in this process. :)

The new & improved Albus family!

The Albi (my take on the plural form of Albus!) with Brittney, their social worker

Angel snuggled with his Gran while we waited for our turn.
I thought that was a sweet moment... :)

The judge swearing everyone in.

Can't you see the relief on all of their faces???

Cousin Pic! (Johnny 5, Clayton 5.5, and Angel 7) Isn't that quite a crew?!?!?

Papa D & Gran with 3 of their 4 grandsons.

It was a great day, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it! I now have 2 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome nephews - what a great deal! I am the luckiest aunt on earth! :)

Sidenote: The drive there and back was pretty brutal. 11 hours of driving in a 28 hour time period with a preggo and a 5 year old. Enough said. I am happy to report that we only stopped once (for gas and a potty break on the way back home), though. Also, Clayton and I had so many interesting talks. At one point he said, "Mommy, I like it just being me & you without Daddy & Drew to distract us." Ha! We talked about everything from "What do you think heaven will look like?" to "Does God even love the devil?" to "The battery in the Millennium Falcon must be really strong!" to the difference between Ti Fighters (sp?) and X wings. We covered quite a broad spectrum of topics. It was some good bonding time!


Sarah said...

That's so neat! My cousin adopted her 3 kiddos on National Adoption Day too. I wasn't able to go but got to watch it on the news. I was crying like a baby from my living room so I can only imagine if I had been there.
Congrats to the new family!

Brent and Abbey said...

What a great day! I am so glad you were a part of it!!! So happy for Becca and Jeff (and Angel and Johnny)!

Tara said...

Congratulations!!! I've been blog stalking your sister's website, reading their story. What a wonderful day for your family.