Monday, November 01, 2010

Costumes & Candy

My Pumpkins in Their Costumes

Cowboy Drew walked around saying "Yee-haw!!!" in his hat, vest, chaps, and boots.

Clayton has planned his scientist costume for months (complete with glasses, tie, lab coat, rubber frog, and test tubes). He was quick to correct those who assumed that he was a doctor by saying, "Well, actually, I am a scientist..." while pointing at the title on his lab coat.

Clayton dumped out his candy and Drew said, "WOW!!!" :)


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Great costumes! :) And yes, by the way, you may be the first to contribute to my Drew's therapy fund! LOL

Mrs. H said...

What a sugar high!!! The boys' costumes are great... Man, is Clayton tall!!!!

Brent and Abbey said...

You tell Clayton that I said he looks like a REAL scientist in his embroidered lab coat! What a cutie pie in those glasses ;)

Leah said...

LOVE these costumes...may be my favorite of all that I have seen this year! So cute!