Wednesday, October 14, 2009

These Boots Shoes Were Made for Walking

On Monday morning (10/12/09) Drew took his official first steps! I didn't even cry. Aren't you proud of me??? My eyes filled up with tears until he looked up at me with his face beaming with pride. I couldn't help but to smile and laugh along with him. It was one of those moments that you just want to tuck away in your memory and replay often. My baby boy is officially a toddler. And I couldn't be happier!

This video is from last night (Tuesday, October 13th)
* Please excuse "Cowboy Jessie" in the background. You know that my eldest never breaks character. ;)

To celebrate his new skill, Grammie bought Drew his first set of "real" shoes (not Pediped) as an early birthday present. We had to search high and low for the correct size. Apparently, Drew has a very wide foot - a size 5 1/2 extra wide, to be exact. I told the salesman that he had Barney Rubble feet. ;)

I have a feeling that my little Boog will put many miles on his new kicks. Ha!


Leigh Ann said...

Oh My GOSH!!!! What are you thinking letting him get big enough to walk! Where does the time go?! Love his precious grin:)

Mrs. H said...

What a treat to see Drew walk. Happy Birthday - early - Drew Boy.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Yay! I love the action shot of Drew and his new kicks!

Leah said...

Okay---for real---we (Maggie & I) just watched that precious little walking video like 5 times in a row! We both loved it.

That Drew is so big! I can't beleive he is walking!!!! It will be so different to see hime upright all the time. So fun!!!!!

I am proud of you for not crying...only celebrating! What an infectious little smile that boy has!

Thanks for sharing this monumental milestone with us!

Paul and Nina Treat said...

Yay Drew!! He is just precious. I love Cowboy Jessie informing us that he's going to "Cowboy camp to learn how to be a cowboy." Hilarious.

halie said...

Way to go Drew!! What a big boy!! Hopefully I can see his new skills on Monday! :)

Doug and Kelli said...

I would still like to think he took his first step the night I was there!!!
Loved the video :)