Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Nephews!

It seems like every where that I turn lately, I read about/hear about/know people who are adopting children. Maybe it is just because I am more sensitive to the topic since my sister and brother-in-law announced, about a year ago, that they were planning to adopt. I have thought about them, prayed for them, and listened to all of their steps through the process and I am so proud of them for the choices that they have made.

At first, I have to admit, that I had some serious concerns and questions. My sister has been a social worker for several years now and has dealt with lots of foster kids in her line of work. They softened her heart and gave her the desire to adopt an older child. Initially, they were planning for a little boy that was between the ages of 6-8. I've heard the sad stories of kids that were "in the system." I worried about my sister and Jeff parenting kids that had been through abuse and had lots of emotional baggage. My sisterly instincts kicked in and wanted to protect Becca from the heartache of mothering children that had a hard past.

Then, my heart changed.

As people began to ask questions and voice their concerns, I started to analyze my feelings as well. The first question was always, "Have they been trying to get pregnant for long?" No. They haven't been "trying" at all. Adoption was their first choice for starting their family. Then the next question was always, "Why do they want to adopt a child that is that old? Don't they want a baby?" No. They have hearts for kids that sit in foster homes day in and day out waiting for someone to want them. They want a child that is deemed "difficult to place" because they aren't a baby.

As I started to think about all of these questions, I realized that what Becca & Jeff were doing is totally unselfish. They aren't concerned about what everyone always thinks about as reasons not to adopt - the cost, the questionable past of the children, many unknowns, not physically being pregnant, not having the newborn phase, etc. They just want to love children that may not have ever known a forever family.

That makes me so proud of them and in awe of their faithfulness.

All that being said, Becca & Jeff are now fostering 2 little boys that they hope to adopt as soon as possible. There is lots of paperwork and time constraints and so on and so forth throughout the process. But, to Becca & Jeff, these 2 children are already their sons (even if they don't have the papers to prove it just yet). And, I couldn't be more excited for them!

We have gotten to spend time with them over the last 2 weekends and they are such precious, precious children. They are so loving and super sweet. They have stolen my heart and I love them to bits. I am thrilled to be their aunt!

I would love to post their sweet little pictures, so that you all could see them. But, because they aren't officially adopted, we have to respect their privacy and confidentiality. They are cute as can be, though. :)

Clayton has handled all of this so well. I worried about what to tell him and how to explain adoption to him. I stressed about it way to much. We sat him down and explained the process as best as we could and answered any questions that he had. I made it much more complicated than it had to be. He loved A&J from the minute that he met them. They were playing superheroes and dressing up within minutes. To his precious little unjaded mind, they are just his cousins and that is all there is to it. It has been so fun to watch them interact!

So, now I have 2 nephews and a whole new respect for everyone involved in the adoption process. It has been neat to experience firsthand and so inspiring! Although A&J are already my nephews in my heart, I can't wait for that sweet day when it all becomes official! ;)


Mrs. H said...

A & J are so loved by everyone who meets them. You do so know your sister and her heart. God placed these two lives in her life but mostly in her heart. She is so blessed to have a strong support system beginning with her husband Jeff. They are true Mommy and Daddy. Introducing two active boys into your home is not always easy, but no child comes with an instruction manual. To every new parent comes the attitude of try, try again. These two guys are worth any trial of parenting. Welcome to our family - but especially into our hearts - A & J.

Brent and Abbey said...

Wow! I love that your family is growing! Lots of great "firsts" ahead for Becca and Jeff! Exciting!

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this! I am so proud of your sister and her husband. They are truly showing the love of Christ to some children who otherwise may never have seen it! That's what it's all about! :)

Albus Adventures said...

Your kind words and encouragement mean the world to us! We couldn't be happier that J and A have such an awesome and supportive aunt, uncle, and cousins! We look forward to making a lifetime of memories with you guys!

Leigh Ann said...

Christmas in Houston should be....rowdy! Are there enough Superheroes out there for so many boys? What fun y'all will have!

Angie said...

I am still crying from reading this post! What a sweet post and they are blessed to have such a wonderful family to love them! (and such a wonderful aunt too!)