Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festival and One Year Stats

Wednesday night was the Fall Festival at our church. The boys had so much fun! There were games, candy, bounce houses, and friends. What more could a kid want?!?!

Clayton has been talking about being Superman for months now. When he first started planning out his costume, he was insistent that he have a curl in the middle of his forehead "like the real Superman." He seriously wanted to grow his hair out so that he would have a curl. The kid cracks me up!

Well, sadly, his hair never quite got to appropriate curl length. Right before we left for the church, he said, "Mommy, I've got it! Let's draw a curl in with face paint!" He was so excited that I couldn't bear to burst his little bubble. So, we drew in a curl. :)

Clayton spotted our babysitter shortly after we got there and she spent the rest of the evening entertaining him. Free babysitting - bless her heart.

Clayton & Catherine

Clayton thought that he was big stuff hanging out with the teenagers.

When he wasn't with the big kids, he was with his favorite little kid, Maggie. ;)

Drew & his little lemur friend, Luke :)
It was Luke's real birthday!
Aren't they the cutest little 1 year olds, ever?!?!

Drew spent most of the time in the stroller - poor baby. We did find a little trampoline in the preschool area that he got to play in, though.

Today was Drew's 1 year old well check at Dr. M's. He got a clean bill of health, which is always nice to hear. He weighed 24 lbs. 8 oz. (75%), was 31 1/2 inches long (90%), and his head circumference was 18 1/4 inches (50%). Staying right on his growth curve. :)


Mrs. H said...

What a fun time those two boys had. Clayton's solving of the curl problem was quite creative. He has an answer for every problem it seems. His brain never will never miss any solution. No problem can not be solved. Drewq's doctor report was perfect. He is quite a healthy boy!