Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun Weekend with The Hege Family

We had a wonderful weekend with our favorite North Carolinians, The Heges. We love Will & Leslie (and their daughter Anna, too, of course) and always look forward to their visits. Leslie and I met when we interviewed at Children's 7 years ago. We instantly bonded and realized quickly that we are very much alike. We tease that God made us out of the same mold. :)

Leslie left Children's, after a year of us working together, to marry her husband Will. Will and Wade have gotten to be pretty good buddies over the years as well, so it is a fun friendship that we all share. We have been blessed with several visits from the Hege family, and we always treasure our time with them. This visit was no different.

On Friday, we went to the pumpkin patch (see the post below) and then the Daddies watched all of the kids so that Leslie and I could go shopping. What a treat! We went to Grapevine Mills and shopped 'til we dropped. We ended up picking out most of the same clothes and shoes to try on. One of us would say, "Oh, look how cute this is!" only to see that the other one of us was already holding up the same item. It was hysterical to realize just how similar our tastes are. :)

Will & Leslie actually came in town to go the UT vs. OU game at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday. While they were at the game, we got to hang out with Anna. She came to Clayton's tee ball game with us and cheered on our little Florida Gator. :)

After the games (both football and tee ball) we went to dinner at Sonny Bryan's to get the Heges some good 'ole Texas barbecue. Then we went to Cabellas. It was some good (free) fun for the kids. There may have been some shooting games and fudge for the adults, too. ;)

Sadly, the Heges had to head back home today. The long weekend went by way too fast! We are already planning to visit them and go to the beach next summer. Sounds like fun to me!

Thanks for coming to visit, friends! You're welcome to come back any time!