Sunday, October 25, 2009

Run, Forest, Run!

Saturday was CUH-razy! It was the busiest day that we have had in a long time. Clayton had t-ball pictures at 9:00. Then he had a double header at 11:00 and 12:00. Then we had a little birthday party for Drew from 1:00-3:00. Somewhere in there Wade had to pick up balloons and a cake. It was a little bit hectic, for sure.

I really wanted for Drew to get a good morning nap so that he would be happy for his party. So, I had to miss Clayton's games. :( I was so sad! I love watching him play. Luckily, he had a whole crew of adoring fans at his game. Thanks, Grammie & Papaw, G & Granddad, Mamaw, Kelli, & Jay for coming to support our favorite Gator!

Clayton plays t-ball through the YMCA. They really want the kids to get used to hitting the ball and then running to first base. That is the offensive objective that they focus on most. So, the kids take turns batting, running to first base, and jumping on the base (it squeaks when they jump on it - too cute!). However, they let 2 kids from each team hit a "home run" at the end of each game. They just tell them, before they bat, to hit the ball and run home. Wouldn't you know it, that the game that I missed was the one that Clayton got to hit a home run at. Nuts! My sweet Hubs was kind enough to video it for me. I fell on the floor laughing when I saw it. Too funny not to share!

Please note that he runs past 2 of his teammates - 1 on second base and 1 on third. Lovely. I have a feeling that we won't be getting the "Good Sportsmanship" award.
Secondly, he runs to give his Dad a high five before he actually crosses home plate. Ooops!
Third, he throws his hands in the air and runs to greet his fans. Can you say excessive celebration??? It's so nice to have a humble child...


Mrs. H said...

I am crying from laughing so hard. Spper C has thr Hall of Fsme in his future. I know Drew's party was great!