Monday, September 15, 2008

Powerless, Save The Date, and Baby Macie is here!

Powerless: My sister and brother-in-law have had power since Saturday, which is a huge blessing. However, my parents are still without electricity. They seem to still be in good spirits and are enjoying the cool front that has come through the Houston area. My mom was able to charge her wheelchair battery at Becca & Jeff's house yesterday, so that is a big relief. They were not able to spend the night at Becca's house, however, because my mom could not get safely into either of the beds at their house. So... continue to pray that power will be restored soon. I am just so worried about them!

Save the Date: I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office this afternoon to discuss when they would be able to do my C-section. We found out that Baby Drew will grace us with his presence on October 23rd at 6:45am!!! It's going to be an early morning, but I'm sure that the adrenaline of having our second sweet baby will be enough to get us through. :) I adjusted the Lilypie ticker on the right side of this site to reflect the current countdown. Just 38 more days to go - YAY!!!

Baby Macie is Here: My sweet friend, Brennan, welcomed her first baby into the world today!!! Brennan and I went to nursing school together and worked at Children's in the PICU together for 5 years. I adore her and treasure our friendship. She called me this morning to tell me that her blood pressure was high and that they had decided to take Miss Macie this afternoon via C-section. I got to see that sweet little bundle when she was just minutes old. There's just nothing more precious than witnessing those first few hours of a new life. It was amazing to see her! She was sooo tiny - only 6 pounds 7 oz! I am quite certain that our little linebacker will be MUCH bigger. :)

Clayton and I went to visit Brennan last week. We took one last preggo picture together. (It's a little blurry due to the fact that our photographer is only 3!)

Look at that sweet girl!!!


Albus Adventures said...

We are so excited to meet baby Drew on 10/23/08 and please wish Brennan congrats from us!