Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Weekend & Happy Fall Y'all!

We have had a lazy weekend at our house. We were planning on going to College Station for the A&M vs. Miami game. I was so excited about taking Clayton to A&M for the first time! I was also thrilled that I was going to get to spend a whole weekend with my good 'ole roomie, Traci, and her hubby, CJ. Unfortunately, we found out late last week that our tickets had fallen through. So sad... :(

Since we thought that we were going to be out of town, we hadn't made any weekend plans. Luckily, our good friends, the Brewer's, swooped in and saved us from boredom. On Friday night, Abbey and I went to a Pampered Chef party with some other girls from our Sunday school class. I ordered a new apple, peeler, corer, slicer. My mom has been letting me borrow the one that she had (from when Becca & I were little). Unfortunately, after 20+ years, it has seen its better days. While Abbey and I were at the party, Brent, Wade, and Clayton went fishing at our neighborhood catch & release pond.

Reeling in "the big one"

He was so proud of his little fish!

Brent with the biggest fish of the evening :)

I think that Clayton enjoyed the pond fishing more than our hubbies did, but they were good sports about taking him. Hopefully, Brent & Wade will be able to take a "real" fishing trip soon (minus our little munchkin).

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Brewers' house to watch the A&M game. After watching the game, I was kinda glad that we weren't there to see them loose so badly. As most of you know, Clayton has turned to the "dark side" and loves UT. He mocks me constantly by saying "Hook 'Em Horns" and giving me a thumbs down sign. I don't know that I'll ever win him back over to my dear 'ole A&M... The only thing that saved me from being harassed by my boys was that they were outnumbered - Brent & Abbey both went to A&M!

Wade spent rest of the weekend watching football and I made good use of my time by decorating our house for the fall. I LOVE autumn!!! One of the downsides to living in Texas is that we totally get jipped out of a true fall. So... I am trying to bring the fall indoors.

I decked out the dining room table. I found the placemats at Walmart for $2.97 each (score!). I got acorns, cranberries, and twigs tied together with twine from Target to fill my apothecary jars. Still searching for napkin rings...

Autumn officially starts tomorrow. So, Happy Fall Y'all!!!


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Sarah, Watch out -- it's a LOBSTER!!!!!!!

Your blog looks SO CUTE. You are totally talented, my friend.

Albus Adventures said...

We are excited to see yall and the fall decorations on Friday afternoon and share in the baby shower fun! LOVE YOU!

Mrs. H said...

What a great fish, Clayton! My PaPa would be so proud. I'm sure he is giggling in heaven.

Sarah, you know just how to decorate. I'm sorry old A,P,C gave up. I'm glad they still make them.