Friday, September 26, 2008

The Great State Fair of Texas

Last year, as we were walking around at the fair, I made several comments about all the "crazy" pregnant ladies that were out there. I remember saying (as we passed one preggo), "That lady has got to be 8 months pregnant. I can't imagine how miserable she must be. Nothing is worth going through that torture." Well, today I was that crazy preggo (now 8 months and 3 weeks along) waddling around the fair! Wade reminded me of my comments from last year as we finished off our corny dogs at 10:30 am. :) I must admit that it was super fun and I was not miserable at all. If it wasn't for my huge belly and a few small contractions, I would have forgotten that I was even pregnant.

Actually, Wade wanted to rent me a scooter so that I wouldn't have to do so much walking. However, when we inquired about renting a scooter, we found out that they were charging $45 for the day. No thank you, I'll just take my chances on delivering a little early! So, when all was said and done, I just had to eat my words from last year (and a corny dog, and an ear of corn, and an ice cream cone...)

Clayton had a blast and I was content watching his excitement. We pretty much did it all: walked through the auto show, visited Big Tex, ate a corn dog, went to the food & fiber building to get free ice cream and pet the cows, went to the petting zoo, walked through the Helping Hands on the Farm exhibit (still my favorite part), rode the ferris wheel, and played games on the midway. Whew - lots of fun crammed into a few hours. (If you want to relive our fair day from last year, click here.)

WARNING: There are A LOT of pictures. Sorry! This preggo is super indecisive and couldn't narrow it down. :)

The boys with Big Tex

Clayton petting the baby cow.

Enjoying free ice cream.

Feeding a camel at the petting zoo sponsored by my previous employer, Children's Medical Center of Dallas. So much fun...

Farmer Clayton (at Helping Hands on the Farm) planting a potato seed.

Picking the potato that he "planted."

Driving his tractor to go feed the animals.

After a hard day's work as a farmer, the kids get "paid" then get to buy a snack at the little store. Once again, our kid bought a Nutri-Grain bar. He just loves those things...

Riding the ferris wheel.

Daddy won Clayton a Spiderman by playing darts on the midway.

Clayton and Spidey were worn out and fell asleep shortly after we got in the car.

As we left, Wade and I were discussing how expensive everything was. We were tallying up the grand total for the day and Clayton said, "My very favorite part was eating that ice cream cone!" Wade replied, "We spent a small fortune and our kid's favorite part was the free ice cream. You're killin' me, man!" Gotta love him. :)


Hannah said...

We're going next week. I can hardly wait! We go every year too. Jacob was 4 weeks the first time he went! I think he'll be old enough to enjoy it a little this year. I love all the pictures. How do you get so many on your blog? It always cuts me off at 6. There must be a trick : )

Kati said...

I'm trying to convince Gordon that we need "season passes" for the fair---did you know those exist??? He's against it, but all that to say, I LOVE the fair! Looks like y'all had fun!

Mrs. H said...

I so enjoy seeing Clayton enjoying every minute. Maybe taking two to the Fair next year will be as much fun as this year. Love you all.