Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Day of School

Clayton had a GREAT first day of school! I took some pictures of my little bug before we left for school. He just had to have a Buzz Lightyear backpack that he spotted at the Disney store. It was on sale, so I conceeded. Unfortunately, it is a little big. Note to self: Have children try on backpacks before purchasing. :)

He insisted that he was big enough to carry it into school and refused my repeated attempts to help him. It was a slow walk, but my determined little guy made it into his classroom carrying his own pack.

He was SOOO excited about school before we left. He posed for several pictures...

then he said, "Mommy, no more pictures. I am going to be late for school."

There were no tears during the dropoff process (from Clayton or his hormonal Mommy) - YAY! Clayton ran in and bear hugged both of his teachers. We found his cubby and his name tag then I kissed him goodbye and left - easy as that. It was a successful day all around!

I went to the doctor while Clayton was at school. My doctor had said that I would get on the OR schedule today for my C-section. However, today he said that he still needed to talk to the hospital scheduler to get it figured out. He was going to ask for October 23,24,27, or 28th. So.... we'll have to wait until next week to find out what Drew's exact birthday will be. :)


Albus Adventures said...

Happy first day of school Clayton! I'm so proud of you! We'll see you soon and can't wait to find out when Drew will be born! LOVE YOU ALL!

Mrs. H said...

What a happy boy Clayton is - even though he is going to a new school. I'm thankful you boyh had a great day. The backpack story is so funny. I can't imagine where he gets his strong will??? Drew will be a blessed child whenever he gets here.

Keith and Judy said...

that backpack is AWESOME. it might've made my whole weekend. :)