Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Today was Meet the Teacher day at Clayton's new preschool. I have LOVED Clayton's school from the second that we visited. I visited 7 different preschools when I was trying to find him a spot. They all had little drawbacks - too far from our house, too expensive, no spots in the 3's, etc. This little school is 10 minutes from our house and was actually one of the least expensive ones that I found. As a bonus, my sweet friend, Melissa, is going to be a teacher there. She won't be Clayton's teacher, but it just makes me feel better that she is there. :)

There have been so many adjustments over the past few months for Clayton - preparing for a baby brother, new house, new church, new friends, and now a new school. I have been so worried about how he would do with his new preschool. We have been reading How Do Dinosaurs Go To School and The Kissing Hand every day in anticipation. In the car on the way to school, I gave him a pep talk about "the drop off" and told him that we would kiss each other's hands like in The Kissing Hand so that we would have a kiss whenever we needed it.

When we found Clayton's classroom he walked right in like he owned the place. He spotted a tool bench (just like the one that we have at our house) and said, "Bye Mom" really calmly. Well, that's that... no separation anxiety here. I barely got a a kiss on the cheek - much less The Kissing Hand ritual. :)

Clayton's teachers seem very nice. They were both very upbeat and acted genuinely excited about being there. The both have Education degrees, which is awesome! I feel like Clayton is going to learn so much from them. When we left, Clayton said, "My teachers are super cool! I love my new school!" What a relief!!!

The official first day of school is on Thursday. So, stay tuned for more pictures!

Clayton & Miss Kelli

Clayton and Miss Tanya


Mrs. H said...

Clayton looked very happy. I'm thankful you both are ;-)

Doug and Kelli said...

What an awesome name for a teacher!!!

Kati said...

Yay! I'm glad Clayton likes school!

Leigh Ann said...

have a great first day! I know you will do great! You are just like your daddy and never meet a stranger. Call me and tell me how it goes:) love you!