Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinosaurs Alive!

Lately, I have been really worried about how life for Clayton is going to change when we have Drew. I know that he is going to LOVE having a brother, but I worry about being able to divide our time between the two boys. I am afraid that we won't be able to do some of the fun things that we enjoy doing with our "only" right now. So... we are going to try to cram a bunch of activities into the next five weeks. There will probably be a whole lot of bloggin' goin' on around here. :)

Yesterday we took Clayton to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and to the Omni Theater. It was so fun! Clayton really enjoyed the Dinosaur Roundup Exhibit and Kidspace activities. He also loved the Omni movie called Dinosaurs Alive. They had all of these realistic animations of dinosaurs and how they lived. At the end, we asked Clayton what his favorite part of the movie was. He immediately said, "When the dinosaur pooped!" Of course.... There was a very short clip about how the paleontologists can learn a lot from examining dinosaur dung. Out of it all, that is what our kid picked up on!

It was a fun afternoon with just the three of us! I can't wait until Drew is old enough for us to take both boys to do these fun activities! (On second thought, I know how fast these first few years of Clayton's life have flown by. I am going to treasure every minute of Drew being tiny! Big boy activities will always be there...)

Dinosaur Roundup

Daddy being silly with Clayton

Making a fossil tracing

Clayton sitting inside a dinosaur footprint

Driving the Kidspace mail truck

The Kidspace grocery store check out line

They had this really neat table that blew air out of these tubes below the table. They had cups that you could cut and when you let go of the cup, the cup would fly into the air. Clayton thought that it was amazing. We spent forever at that little table.

Clayton said, "Mommy, you need to clip that dinosaur's fingernails! They are too long!"


Mrs. H said...

How much fun you three had... It is hard to jungle time with two little ones. If anyone can, you and Wade will. You twwo are amazing. Outings with Drew and Clayton will be just as memorable.

Hannah said...

You'll do GREAT with 2. The biggest difference I have found is the inability to go places without Brian. I just can't keep up with Jacob while toting around Jenna! Clayton is so loved; I seriously doubt he'll be jelous or miss "mommy time", besides he'll have a new playmate even if Drew can't play for a while. I think it's a good idea to spoil Clayton a little extra now though : )

Paul said...

Hey guys...Me and Can didn't have your new address. We wanted to let you guys know that we are having Talon's birthday party next Saturday, the 27th. It will be at our house at 3pm. Hope to see you guys!

Kati said...

Cute pics! And, I LOVE how Clayton has on his Flash shirt!:-) We need to get together before Drew arrives!