Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Electricity Update & My Two Favorite Carpenters

Update: My mom just called to tell me that their power was restored tonight! Hallelujah!!! I have been worried sick about them. So much of their necessary equipment requires electricity - Mom's hospital-type of bed that she uses wasn't working, they were trying to conserve her wheelchair battery, and my poor Dad wasn't able to use his BiPap machine that he uses for his sleep apnea. They have been so upbeat every time that I have called to check on them (which was multiple times a day). I am so proud of them for being such good sports! I cannot even imagine going 5 days and 4 nights without air conditioning, lights, the ability to cook, etc. I know that I would not have been nearly as positive as they have been. Every time that I talked to them they would assure me that there were so many people that were worse off than they were. They were fortunate not to have any major damage to their home. My Dad even said that they would be in better shape than they were before the hurricane, because this forced them to clean out their fridge and two freezers. What a great attitude to have! Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. Hopefully life will get back to normal for them soon.

My Two Favorite Carpenters: The weather today was BEAUTIFUL! Clayton spent the morning at his second day of preschool. (He still loves it - YAY!) Then he came home a took a nap. So... we didn't get to be outside until about 5:00. But, we made good use of our time in the cool weather. Wade was working on a storage solution project for our guest room's closet. He let Clayton help him - it was so cute! Clayton got his little stool out of the bathroom and his sunglasses (make-shift safety glasses) and was set to be Daddy's helper. I love that Wade is patient enough to teach Clayton. I couldn't ask for a better Papa for my babies!

Let the DIY project begin!

Clayton got to use a "pusher" (I'm sure that there is a more technical term, but I don't know it) to push the wood through the blade.

He also got to turn the saw on and off. Check out that tongue pushing on the inside of his cheek. He was concentrating so hard!

Clayton's bathroom stool serves multiple purposes. :)

Nothin' like a ride in your firetruck as a reward for a job well done!


Angie said...

I am so glad to hear the great news of the electricity. I can't even imagine and I am so glad that it is back up and running!

Mrs. H said...

Thank you for all of your concerns and prayers. We felt them!

Clayton is too cute. We can't wait to meet Drew!