Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving at the Ranch this year.  My kids were able to spend the day with all 3 of their great-grandparents and 2 of their grandparents.  So special!

Wade's parents were sweet to host our rowdy crew.  They always spoil us rotten - such a treat for all 5 of us.  Thanks, Marsha and Terry!
Owen started the day by watching almost the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It was crazy - he just sat there for over an hour watching the floats.  For our busy toddler, that was quite the feat.  The ladies were all in the kitchen, so he was happy to snuggle with his Granddaddy and Papaw.  That boy is a man's man, for sure.

Drew is so funny.  That boy....  He found this turkey hat in the Target dollar spot weeks ago and insisted that he needed it.  We bought it because how could we not???  Wade and I had kinda forgotten about it.  We loaded up the car and got ready to pull out of the garage.  Wade looked in the rear view mirror and saw this little rascal with that crazy hat on.  We both died laughing.  He is a regular cartoon character, that boy.  ;)
 The boys gave Grammie's feast four thumbs up.  (The two year old thumbs were too grouchy to weigh in.)
 Drew asked for a picture with his Daddy.  I was happy to oblige.
 Monkey see, monkey do.  ;)
I was able to sweet talk the Carpenter men into letting me take a four generation picture.  It was a spur of the moment decision - no planned outfits and such.  I just wanted a good picture of my favorite men outside in a pretty setting. 
 This is my new fave!  Now that is a good-looking bunch of dudes!  Love them all sooo much!
 Granddaddy with the three that will carry on the family name.
 Papaw and his boys
 This outtake was too funny not to share.  Owen was pitching a major fit.  Sometimes I wish he wasn't so good at acting his age.  Ha!  He is super sweet 95% of the time and a royal toot the other 5%.  Even when he is pouting, he is pretty cute.  :)
 A quick pic with the turkey by the entrance to the Ranch.
 O took a loooong Thanksgiving rest and woke up much happier.  He was cracking us up with his baseball stance.  It's almost like he has watched hours and hours of Little League games.  Oh right, he has!
One of my sweet friends taught a little intro to photography lesson for a group of gals from church last week.  I was attempting to capture bokeh and use the 2/3rds rule.  I think I better leave it up to the professionals.  ;)

 On Saturday night, Santa came to the Ranch.  Yay!
Clayton hopped right up there and named off his three requests - a Ripstik, a heavy bag with boxing gloves, and a laser tag set.  He looked so big on Santa's lap.  I have vivid memories of the weekend after Thanksgiving 2005 when he was 7 months old and sat on Santa's lap in this very same place.  How is he 8 now???

Drew was soooo shy with Santa.  He sat on his lap and talked to him, but he wasn't about to make eye contact.  Bless his heart.  He just clams up around strangers. 
 He did mumble that he wanted a bowling alley (IDK???), a switch 'n go dino, and a Green Machine (like a big wheel).
Then it was the baby's turn.  Oh my word... it was precious!  The little girl in front of us lost her mind crying.  Owen was watching her and said to Wade, "I not cry!  I talk to Santa!"  He sure did.  He perched right there on Santa's lap and said, "I want Thomas train....  I want big wheel..."  He was smiling so big.  It will go down in history as one of my favorite Christmas memories ever.  Seriously, doesn't he look like a Hallmark card???

The boys got to play on Santa's ride (aka the firetruck).  Something about seeing Clayton at the wheel made me fear for my life.  Ha!

 The turkey at the gate was transformed into a reindeer.
 I had to snap another great grandparent picture before we left.  I love Wade's Mamaw's sweet hands - arthritic and covered with proof that she has spent decades caring for her family.  The contrast to Owen's baby hand is precious to me.
My father-in-law raked three piles of leaves, just in case I "wanted to snap a few pictures of the boys jumping in them."  Love that man!  It's like he knows me or something.  ;)

Drew doesn't have a collage because he only jumped once, and then he was done.  Clayton and Owen jumped, and jumped, and jumped some more.  There may have even been some leaves that migrated into a certain someone's diaper.  Ha!

We had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, fellowship, and fabulous food.  We have so much to be grateful for!!!  God continues to be so faithful and so gracious to us.  We are blessed beyond measure!


Gran said...

Glad you had fun. Missed seeing you all.

Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Love those little turkeys!