Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at Drew's Preschool

Unfortunately, Drew had to miss his preschool Christmas program and party because we were in California.  I was so bummed about that!  Drew so easy going that it didn't phase him a bit.  I guess that if you have to miss your program and party, Disneyland is a pretty good reason.  ;)

Drew's sweet teacher helped them make gifts for their parents.  Drew was sooooo excited to give us his present!

He drew a nativity on a keepsake plate.  So adorable!  When I am 95 years old, I will still proudly have that plate on display in my home at Christmastime.  Little kid artwork is my very fav!
Mrs. Chay also sent home a picture of Drew's class as a living nativity.  I may be a bit partial, but that is the cutest little shepherd boy that I have ever seen!
I'm glad that my Drew didn't miss out on all of the Christmas fun at preschool.  It's hard to believe that he will have a semester of Kindergarten under his belt at this time next year!