Monday, December 23, 2013

Clayton's School Christmas Party

Clayton had noon dismissal on December 11th, and then he was officially released for Christmas break.  Hallelujah!!!  I don't know who was more excited to have 3.5 weeks off - me or Clayton.  ;)

The poor kids had 4 tests that morning because they had missed Monday due to the ice storm.  I felt so bad for them.  They persevered, though, and were ready to party by 10:30.  :)

 One of the moms read a couple a Christmas books.
 Mrs. H. with the four girls in the class.
 Five of the six boys in Clayton's class.  They are a sweet group of kiddos!
 Clayton's teacher is amazing.  I adore everything about her.  One neat thing about her is that she has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.  She sings to the kids all the time, and they love it!  She asked the moms to give her a few minutes at the end of the party to sing carols with the kids.  It was so sweet!

It was a sweet little 3rd grade Christmas party for my boy!  When we left school, Clayton thought it was strange that Daddy, Drew, Owen, and all of our suitcases were in the car.  Hmmm....  Wonder what that could mean...?  ;)