Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in East Texas

We spent the weekend after Christmas in East Texas at Wade's Mom & Dad's house.  We had a great time, as usual!

As soon as everyone had gotten settled on Friday night, we opened gifts.  All of the boys got a headlamp in their stockings.  Owen was HILARIOUS chasing his light on the floor.  Oh my gracious, we laughed and laughed at that crazy boy trying to catch his light.  :)

 Drew is in a "As Seen on TV" phase.  He was so excited to get a Seat Belt Buddy.
I love Owen's face when he opened his LeapPad.

 Makinley and I swaddled Owen in his new pirate blanket.  Ha!  Can we all pause and have a moment of silence for our beloved Miracle Blanket???  I miss swaddling my tiny baby.  :(

 Clayton could not wait to ride his RipRider 360.  He strapped on his headlamp and did 360 degree spins in the dark.  ;)
 On Saturday morning, Morgan ended up with a lap full of cousins.
 Mamaw with 6 out of her 16 great-grandchildren
We played outside for the majority of the day on Saturday.  Makinley brought her new unicycle and rode it all over the place.  Quite impressive!
 C alternated between his RipRider and his Ripstik.

 Drew was pretty stoked about his new dinosaur helmet.
 Clayton decided to give Mak's unicycle a try.  He learned pretty quick that it isn't nearly as easy as Makinley made it look.  ;)
 Drew got Magna-Tiles, and they are so much fun!  We built a pretty great castle together.
 Makinley got some baby snuggles before we all parted ways on Sunday.  Mak & O are so cute together!
We had a great time at our East Texas Christmas!  Thanks for having us, Marsha & Terry!