Monday, December 23, 2013

Frozen 2013 - not the Disney movie ;)

Our town was hit with a BIG ice storm from December 5th-10th.  It was quite the ordeal - schools closed, doctor's offices closed, churches closed, minimal groceries at the stores, and cars slip sliding all over town.  Our whole area was basically shut down for 5-6 days.  We were snowed in!

This ice storm was both a blessing and a curse.  It created a beautiful blanket of white, and it was so much fun to be home together!  We loved the "time out" that it gave us to snuggle & drink hot chocolate during a time of year that can get crazy busy.  But... the Carpenter clan was bummed out because the ice cancelled TONS of flights - four of which our Daddy was supposed to be on.  :(  Wade was supposed to return home on Thursday night, December 5th.  After multiple cancellations, he was finally able to get home on Saturday night.  We were soooo glad to see his face!

Thankfully, my bestie (Saint Leah) watched the boys for me on Thursday morning so that I could make a major grocery trip.  I stocked up in preparation for the storm, knowing that it may be the last time that I left the house for several days.  I bought enough food to feed an army!  I was glad that I did, because the precipatation started Thursday afternoon, and by Friday morning we were living in a winter wonderland.  :)

Friday was fun - just a chill day at home.  The boys played outside for a few minutes, but didn't last for long.  It took me an hour to get all of their gear on, so that they could go outside and play for 15 minutes.  Not a great return on my investment....  ;) 

By Saturday morning, I was having a bit of a pity party.  I was sad that my hubby still wasn't home and just feeling a bit grouchy about being on my 6th day of flying solo. 

Thankfully, our sweet friends that live across the street came over and asked if we wanted to "sled."  Yes, please!  We rigged up some redneck sleds (aka laundry baskets and Tupperware bin lids) and had us a good 'ole time.  ;)

Owen wasn't feelin' it at first.  He opted to stay inside in the warm house with Sydney Girl.  He watched through the glass door for a bit and then decided that it looked pretty fun.  We were all glad that he opted to get in on the action.  :)

This is classic Drew.  The kid falls/trips/stumbles a hundred times a day.  Every. single. time. that he falls, he gives a thumbs up and says, "I'm okay!"  It is his signature move.  Ha!  We are so grateful for the comic relief that our "monkey in the middle" provides.  He is such a blessing!

Mrs. Katy is so much fun!  She pushed those kids over and over and over again down her driveway.  They love her!

I had just taken the picture above, and then O's feet slipped out from under him.  I had my camera poised and ready, so I snapped a quick pic.  I know, I know... meanest mom ever.  But, he didn't cry at all!  He just looked at me like, "What just happened?!?!"  Then he picked himself up and kept on playing.  Sweet thing.

A bunch of sweet neighbor kids came out to play as well.  The more, the merrier!  We decided to tackle "the big hill" on an intersecting street.  The kids had a blast!

As soon as the ice melted, we had one last day of school before Christmas break (12/11), then we left the frozen tundra and headed for Sunny Southern California!  Lots of blogging to catch up on...  ;)