Monday, December 30, 2013

Nick the Elf

Our elf, Nick, was such a funny little fellow this year.  We were gone quite a bit, so we didn't get to wake up to his antics as often as usual.  He made up for quantity with quality, though.  The boys loved waking up to find where Nick was hiding.  :)

Snap, Nick, Pop!

  He painted on the wall and blamed Clay-boy.
 He gave the boys a subtle clue about our surprise SoCal trip.
 When we came home from California, silly Nick had toilet papered our Christmas tree and was hanging out in a toilet paper roll on the tree.  Ha!
 On Christmas Eve morning he left a picture of the "Carpenter Quack Pack" and was wearing a beard.
(As a sidenote, why does Owen look totally normal in a full beard???  Clayton and Drew look strange to me, but Owen's beard suits him somehow.  So funny!)
The boys were sad to see Nick leave for another year.  :(  We'll miss you, Nick!  Thanks for adding so much laughter to our December!